Gliding Australia Webinars


October 2023

In this video, Jo Davis discusses sports psychology and its relevance to gliding. She focuses on practices to deepen resilience and avoid self-sabotage. She also highlights the importance of the mind-body connection and provides tools such as breathing exercises, posture, and thought-labeling to improve performance.



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September 2023
This video features Clements from Chess in the air, as he discusses the gliding opportunities and challenges in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He provides insights into the topography, climate, flying seasons, technique, and the exciting 14er Challenge. Clements also offers practical tips for glider pilots visiting the area.

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June 2023
Join the Revolution: Your VIP Pass to the Inner World of Women in Gliding.
Embark on an unprecedented journey with us as we initiate the groundbreaking Rockettes Gliding Group, devoted to championing women in the thrilling world of gliding.

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May 2023
Tim Bromhead, from Pure Glide NZ, sheds some light on the fascinating theory of ridge soaring, specifically in New Zealand. Tim shares information about different types of ridges in New Zealand, their unique characteristics, and how to effectively fly along them. He also talks about the weather conditions necessary for ridge soaring and provides tips and techniques for optimizing ridge flying.

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Record & Distance Flying

April 2023
In this video, glider pilot David Jansen shares his experiences and tips for preparing and flying long-distance and record-breaking flights. He discusses the importance of thorough preparation, including precision planning and organizing all necessary resources beforehand. David also highlights the significance of understanding the big picture of weather patterns and synoptic situations for successful flights. He offers insights into goal setting, start and turn points, as well as post-flight procedures. Throughout the presentation, David emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes, staying mentally focused, and making informed decisions during flight.

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Nutrition & Dehydration in Gliding

November 2022
In this video, Mandy Temple, a gliding instructor, discusses the importance of hydration and nutrition for glider pilots. She shares information from the Australian Institute of Sport and provides practical tips for staying hydrated and nourished during flights. Mandy emphasizes the cumulative effects of dehydration and the importance of rehydrating properly after a flight. She also briefly mentions the use of caffeine as a performance enhancer. Overall, the video aims to educate glider pilots on maintaining their physical well-being in order to perform at their best.

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WeGlide What’s New Webinar

October 2022
Join Moritz Althaus and Matthew Scutter for an overview of what’s new as the new season begins.

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Getting into Competition – Club Class

Aug 2022
Join Jim Crowhurst for a look at how to get started in comps.

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Distance Flying for all levels

July 2022
Join Lisa Trotter for an expert look at distance flying for your level.

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The fine line between speed and trouble & the feel of the air

June 2022
Join Bruce Taylor for some expert advice on soaring techniques and theory.

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The importance of being fit, and the art of the cruise

May 2022
Join Jo Davis for the importance of fitness in your gliding journey, and the focus on cruising.

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Goal Setting to improve performance. From early cross country to competition flying.

December 2021
In this video, Jenny, an experienced glider pilot, shares her insights on goal setting to improve performance in gliding. She discusses the importance of setting specific and achievable goals, as well as the role of sports psychology in flying. Jenny also provides tips on analyzing flights, finding mentors, and participating in competitions. She emphasizes the importance of having fun along the journey and enjoying the process of improving as a pilot.

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Cross Country gliding for beginners and early competition pilots.

November 2022
Tobius Geiger gives his top tips for getting started with cross country and competition flying.

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Mental Prep for XCs & Competitions

October 2021
Lisa Turner talks about Mental Preparation required for Cross Countries and Gliding Competitions. Beneficial for upcoming pilots who are looking to try more XCs and competitions.

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Why WeGlide?

September 2021
Matthew Scutter talks with Moritz Althaus, a developer of WeGlide, to answer all your questions and understand how to get the best out of WeGlide and how to make best use of their services.

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