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A list of all Australian and National Records can be found here: 

Records Rules and Procedures

Australian and Australian National Records shall be flown in accordance with all sections of the FAI Sporting Code, Section 3, Gliders and Motor Gliders, but namely Chapter 3 – Records and Records Procedures.

A new record claim must exceed the current value by 1 kilometre for distance, 1 km/h for speed, and 1% for altitude. (SC 3.1.5, 3.1.6, & 3.1.7).

Australian Special Requirements

  • The Records Officers use SeeYou for record validation and also use the WGS-84 ellipsoid (ICG) for distance calculation. (Tools – options – general – distance calculation)
  • Australia does NOT ALLOW foreign Official Observers to officiate any flights flown in Australia – an Australian OO must be used.
  • Australia does NOT ALLOW flight of a glider after night. Night is defined as the end of evening civil twilight which is 20-30 minutes after sunset. Any flight that has the glider landing after night begins, regardless of the country in which the flight was made, will not be homologated. The time of civil twilight can be found on the NAIPs website as used by CASA.
  • Flights by Australian Pilots in foreign countries will be recognised as AUSTRALIAN RECORDS. Flights in Australia will stand as NATIONAL RECORDS.

Before the Flight:

  • Know the Sporting Code and the Rules for records!
  • Ensure you are a financial member of GFA and therefore have a valid sporting licence
  • Ensure you have an Official Observer
  • If it is a World or Continental Record attempt, ensure the OO is qualified for World Records
  • Declare the task in your FR according to the FAI Code requirements. The rule requiring all FRs used to have the same declaration details will be strictly applied.
  • Ensure your Official Observer undertakes all the required actions for you.

After the Record Flight:

  • Ensure your OO has checked the flight is a valid claim, checks the logger, and that you can access them to fill out their side of the paperwork either on the day or soon after.
  • Initial notifications of record claims must be submitted within 7 days of completion of the flight using the online form. If there is a problem with the online form, an email must be sent to the Records Officer with details of the claim.
  • Pay the Record Processing fee on the GFA Shop. For a single flight, any number of records for which the flight is eligible may be claimed.  The cost is A$75 per claim which will include one record certificate. The Record Processing Fee is paid using the Gliding Australia Shop.
  • Fill out the forms – Australia uses the FAI World Record Forms – obtain these from the FAI website – fai.org. Documents – Gliding -Records – Record Claim Forms.
  • Get your OO to validate the record from their perspective and fill out relevant sections of the Form/s
  • For World and Continental records, notice of a record claim must be submitted to the FAI – record@fai.org  by ASAC or the OO, and the FAI must receive the claim within seven days of the flight

Submission of Claim Paperwork

Send the claim paperwork including List of Enclosures, evidence of payment of the processing fee and original copies of log files to the Records Officer:

  • within 1 month for flights within Australia – NATIONAL RECORDS.
  • within 6 months for flights overseas – AUSTRALIAN RECORDS. Extensions may be granted in exceptional circumstances, but in any case, a claim which has not been successfully homologated within 9 months will be cancelled.

Processing of the Claim:

The Records Officer will check all documents and the FR files for validating and substantiating the claim.  All record claims are entered into the Master Records List and stored in Dropbox.  Pilots who successfully achieved a record will be notified and sent a Gliding Australia Record certificate.  Pilots will also be notified if their claim was unsuccessful and why.   The Gliding Australia website Records List will be updated within a month of the record being awarded, and members notified by newsletter.

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