One-Off Trophies

At First World Club Class Championships
Gawler 2001

One-Off Trophies at First World Club Class Championships

Two special Trophies were awarded to the World Club Class Champion, and to the winner of the World Club Class Grand Prix held simultaneously.

The two Silver Plated cups were wond outright. They are not perpetual trophies.

The Photograph Shows the Grand Prix Cup Left and the World Champion Trophy right.
These were standard cups purchases by Evright Trophies of Sturt St. Adelaide.

A silver platter was presented to the winning team. This was a last minute purchase and was unfortunately not photographed

Winners were: Champion : PETER MASSON (ENGLAND)
Grand Prix Winner : JIM CARPENTER (CANADA)
Winning Team : ENGLAND
Peter Masson 1st Place
Richard Hood 2nd Place
Afandi Darlington 4th Place

In the Championship, FAI Medals were awarded to the first three placegetters,
Peter Masson - 1st Place - FAI Gold Medal
Richard Hood - 2nd Place - FAI Silver Medal
Tomas Suchanek 3rd Place (Czechoslovakia) - FAI Bronze Medal

FAI Diplomas were also presented to the first ten placegetters.

The Royal Aeronautical Society Shield

The Royal Aeronautical Society Shield


The Royal Aeronautical Society, Australian Division, Adelaide Branch, like its English parent society, takes a keen interest in all forms of aviation, including gliding.

In the lead-up to the inaugural Club Class World Gliding Championships to be held at Gawler, South Australia, in January 2001, when the Gliding Group leader, Fred J. Foord (a glider pilot since 1944 and still active) being a member of the committee of the Adelaide Branch, RAeS, brought the event to the committee’s notice, they offered to donate a trophy to be awarded to the Australian team pilot who achieved the highest speed during any contest day task.

The shield, made by Evright Trophies Ltd of Adelaide has a central plaque bearing the Society’s crest, with sufficient individual plates to last well into the 21st century. The inaugural winner was Tom Gilbert of Camden, NSW who achieved a speed of 105.17.

Being for Australian pilots only, the Shield will not need to leave this country and will be presented at the next GFA Council Meeting after each event.

Season  Venue Australian Winner Place
2001 Gawler, Australia Tom Gilbert NSW 105.17 km/h
2002 Musbach, Germany Tom Gilbert NSW 90.4 km/h over 409.2km
2004 Elverum, Norway Terry Cubley, VIC 112.4 km/h
2006 Vinon, France Terry Cubley, SA 115.1 km/h over 223 km

The Roger Woods World Club Class Trophy

The Roger Woods World Club Class Trophy


This trophy was commissioned by Paul Matthews, long time friend of the late Roger Alastair Woods MBE, GFA President from 1980 to 1983 and later GFA Executive Officer from 1991 until just prior to his untimely death from cancer in 1999.

Roger was the prime mover in achieving Australia’s bid, to the International Gliding Commission and the Federation Aeronautique International, for the inaugural Championship to be held in Australia, at Gawler in January 2001.The trophy was created by veteran glider pilot and sculptor, Herbert Schade and depicts a steeply banked ASW-17 sailplane, gold plated, against a bronze boomerang, mounted on a polished hardwood truncated pyramid plinth.

The award is to the highest placed Australian team pilot in the World Club Class Gliding Championships, and was presented to the first winner, Tom Gilbert of NSW, by Mrs Brenda Woods, Roger’s widow

Season  Venue Australian Winner Place
2001 Gawler, Australia T Gilbert 11th
2002 Musbach, Germany Tobias Geiger, Vic 1998/99  
2004 Elverum, Norway Terry Cubley, Vic 34th
2006 Vinon, France Peter Temple, SA 16th

The Renmark Gliding Club Trophy

The Renmark Gliding Club Trophy


This trophy, comprising two hand crafted hardwood wooden gliders, each mounted on a slender turned hardwood pylon, on a turned maple base, all finished in clear lacquer and bearing about 15 brass engraving plates, was donated in the 1996/97 season by the Renmark Gliding Club; to be awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports & Two-Seater Class) Australian National Gliding Championships each year, for the best placing by the pilot of a wooden aircraft.

Season  Pilot Sailplane Venue S & 2S
1996/97 Duncan Robertson Foka 5 Renmark 16th
1997/98 Keith Nolan Olympia ‘Yellow Witch’ Temora 17th
1998/99 Emilis Prelgauskas   Temora 18th
99/2000 Paul Clift Ka6e Gawler 19th
2000/1 Emilis Prelgauskas   Benalla 20th
2001/02 Ian McPhee/Mark Laird Bergfalke Temora 21st
2002/3 Ian McPhee/Mark Laird Bergfalke Temora 22nd
2003/4 Emilis Prelgauskas ES60b Super Arrow  GTJ Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Derek Spencer   Waikerie 24th

Laurie Watkins perpetual all over best tryers trophy

Laurie Watkins Perpetual

This trophy, known colloquially as the "BEST TRYERS TROPHY" is awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year for the pilot judged to be the 'BEST TRYER', irrespective of Class.

It was donated by the Beaufort Gliding Club as a tribute to their late member Laurie Watkins, and first awarded at the 1987/8 season Nationals held at Corowa in January 1988.

Laurie Watkins took up the sport of gliding in his 50's with Beaufort Gliding Club. He became an Instructor and was a stalwart member of that club for about twenty years until his death from natural causes in the mid 1980's. The trophy incorporates a small gilt sailplane model owned by Laurie Watkins.

Season Pilot Club Venue Nationals
1987/8 Finbarr Hart Beaufort G C Corowa 7th S & 2Str
1988/9 Chris Thorpe Beaufort G C Corowa 8th
1989/90 David Nugent Sunraysia G C Mildura 9th
1990/1     Mildura 10th
1991/2     Leeton 11th
1992/3     Leeton 12th
1993/4     Corowa 13th
1994/5 A.Furmiston: & M Simpson, Geelong G.C Corowa 14th
1995/6 Lisa Turner Kingaroy S.C Renmark 15th
1996/7 Trevor Rim & Mark Goodley G.C.V Renmark 16th
1997/8 Bill Hatfield Bundaberg G.C Temora 17th
1998/9 Phillip Ritchie Adelaide S.C Temora 18th Cl & Sp.
99/2000 Paul Clift Adelaide S.C. Gawler 19th
2000/1 Eugene Blunt, & John Kohan   Benalla 20th
2001/2 Bob Musgrave Beaufort G C Temora 21st
2002/3 Mike Morris   Temora 22nd
2003/4 Ray Humphrey   NSW Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Jeff Woodward  WA Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Paul Handley   Benalla 25th
2006/7 Adam 'Charlie' Ianson VIC Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Not awarded    Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Not awarded    Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Not awarded    Lake Keepit  29th

T & J Sailplanes Services Mentor Trophy

T & J Sailplanes Services Mentor Trophy


The T & J Sailplanes Services Mentor Trophy is awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year for the BEST PERFORMANCE BY A MENTOR AND PUPIL(S) TEAM

The trophy takes the form of a silver platter. It was donated in 1994 by T & J Sailplanes Services of Camden and presented for the first time at the Sports and Two-Seater Nationals held in Janaury 1995 at Corowa.

The names of the 'Mentor' and 'Pupil' (or pupils) should always be shown on the trophy, since it is awarded to them for a team achievement.

Season Mentor Pupils Venue Nationals
1994/5 Noel Vagg Alan Furmiston, Mark Simpson Corowa 14th S & 2Str
1995/6 Gary Hollands Andrew Repton Renmark 15th
1996/7 Bruce Campbell Jonathon Shand Renmark 16th
1997/8 Phillip Hearne Rolf Buelter Temora 17th
1998/9 Tom Gilbert Scott Lennon Temora 18th Cl & Sp.
99/2000 Tom Gilbert Luke Dodd Gawler 19th
2000/1 Terry Cubley Simon Brown Benalla 20th
2001/2 Cathy Conway David Conway Temora 21st
2002/3 Rolf Buelter Jarek Mosiejewski Temora 22nd
2003/4 Terry Cubley David Long Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Terry Cubley David Long Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Peter Buskens Iain Russell Benalla 25th
2006/7 Swaantje Geyer Brendan English Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Not Contested    Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Hank Kauffmann  Mark Dalton  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Not Contested    Lake Keepit  29th

 One-Plus Trophy

BEST PLACED LIBELLE PILOTWestpac Banking Corporation

The WESTPAC PERPETUAL TROPHY is awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year for the BEST PLACING BY A LIBELLE PILOT

It was donated in 1984 by the Corowa branch of the WestPac Banking Corporation on the occasion of the 3rd Sports & Two-Seater Nationals being held in that town, and was awarded for the first time at that event.

  It was replaced by the "One-Plus Trophy" in 2008 in recognition of the fact that few Libelles were now attending and there were other gliders of similar performance that also deserved recognition.

Season Pilot Glider/Registration Venue Nationals
1983/4 N.Fisher H205 VH-GJJ Ararat 3rd S & 2Str
1984/5 P.Buckley H201B VH-GZF Ararat 4th
1985/6 N.Bloch H201 VH-GBN Leeton 5th
1986/7 N.Bloch H201 VH-GBN Leeton 6th
1987/8 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Corowa 7th
1988/9 W.Tugnett H301 VH-GUI Corowa 8th
1989/90 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Mildura 9th
1990/91 N.Fisher H205 VH-GJJ Mildura 10th
1991/2 G.Raymond H301 VH-GIT Leeton 11th
1992/3 G.Raymond H301 VH-GIT Leeton 12th
1993/4 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Corowa 13th
1994/5 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Corowa 14th
1995/6 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Renmark 15th
( NB. Initially awarded in error to Gary Stevenson,for highest Libelle speed)
1996/7 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Renmark 16th
1997/8 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Temora 17th
1998/9 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Temora 18th C & Sp.
99/2000 T. Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Gawler 19th
2000/1 T. Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Benalla 20th
2001/02 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Temora 21st
2002/3 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Temora 22nd
2003/4 T.Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 T. Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Waikerie 24th
2005/6 T. Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Benalla 25th
2006/7 T. Gilbert H201B VH-GCK Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Shane McCaffrey    Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Allan Barnes  LS1F  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Paul Mander  H201B  Lake Keepit  29th

Beaurepaires Corowa Trophy

John S. Holst Memorial Trophy


The Beaurepaires Corowa Trohpy is awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year to the HIGHEST PLACED NOVICE PILOT in the Sports Class.

It was donated in 1988 by the Beaurepaires company of Corowa on the occasion of the 7th Sports & 2-Seater Class Nationals being held in that town.

In 2001 there were no eligible ‘Novices’ and the trophy was not awarded. The following year it was missing but reported to be in dilapitated condition. In 2002 GFA Council authorised its replacement. A new, similar, trophy was made by Evright’s of Adelaide with all past history engraved on the back plate.

Season Pilot Glider Venue Nationals
1987/8 Christopher Lane Hornet       VH-GMZ Corowa 7th S & 2-Str
1988/9 Harold Walton  Jantar        VH-CQT Corowa 8th
1989/90 Mark Bland Libelle       VH-GUK Mildura 9th
1990/1 Phillip Hearne Std.Libelle VH-GBP Mildura 10th
1991/2 Mike Pobjoy Std Libelle VH-GBO    Leeton  11th
1992/3 Kerrie Plowman Std Libelle VH-GBN Leeton  12th
1993/4 Jonathon Shand Libelle H301b,  GXH Corowa 13th
1994/5 Jonathon Shand Libelle H301b,  GXH Corowa 14th
1995/6 Andrew Repton DG200 17m Renmark 15th
1996/7 Bruce Campbell   Renmark 16th
1997/8 Lars Zehnder Kestrel 17  VH-GXC Temora 17th
1998/9 Phillip Ritchie Glasflugel 304 VH GXB Temora 18th C & Sp
99/2000 Phillip Ritchie Hornet  Gawler 19th C& Sp
2000/1 Not awarded (no novices)   Benalla 20th
2001/02 Not awarded Trophy Missing   Temora 21st
2002/3 Jarek Mosiejewski   Temora 22nd
2003/4 Jarek Mosiejewski LS4a VH-UKA Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Don Woodward   Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Glenn McLean   Benalla 25th
2006/7 Matt Gage Cirrus Std VH-VKC Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Mike Codling
 Hornet  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Phil Southgate
   Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Craig Collings
 ASW19  Lake Keepit

John S. Holst Memorial Trophy

John S. Holst Memorial Trophy


The JOHN S. HOLST MEMORIAL TROPHY is awarded at the Club Class (formerlySports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year to the pilot achieving the HIGHEST HANDICAP SPEED in the Sports Class.

John Sidney Holst was a keen and popular Diamond Badge glider pilot who met his untimely death in an outlanding accident whilst flying in the Gulgong Competitions on 23rd February 1987. [ As reported in the May 1987 'A.G.']

This unique trophy, which takes the form of the tip of a metal propellor blade, chrome plated and engraved and mounted on an ebonised plinth on a polished hardwood base, was made by his friends Tom Gilbert, Barry Bowerman, and Grant Kenniwell, and was donated by them in memory of John. It was presented for the first time in the 1987/88 competition season, at the Sports and Two-Seater Nationals held at Corowa early in 1988.

Season Pilot Speed Glider Venue S or C Nats
1987/8 Tom Glibert     Corowa 8th
1988/89 Geoff Raymond 95.4 km/h H201 Open Libelle Corowa 8th
1989/90 Tom Gilbert     Mildura 9th
1990/91 W.(Bill) Tugnett 95.4 km/h H201 Open Libelle Mildura 10th
1991/92 G. Sweeeney   PIK 20B Leeton 11th
1992/93 Haidyn Dunn   Hornet Leeton 12th
1993/94 Phillip Hearne   H201B Libelle Corowa 13th
1994/95 Phillip Hearne 111.23 km/h   Corowa 14th
1995/96 Graham Parker 122 km/h ASW24 Renmark 15th
1996/97 Tom Gilbert   H201B Libelle Renmark 16th
1997/98 Terry Cubley & Lars Zehnder tied   Jantar, Kestrel Temora 17th S & 2-S  
1998/99 Tom Gilbert & Bruce Taylor tied   Libelle, Hornet Temora 18th C & Sp  
1999/2000 Bruce Taylor 107.43 km/h Hornet Gawler 19th
2000/01 Bruce Taylor   Hornet Benalla 20th
2001/02 Hank Kauffmann 134 km/h ASW 20B Temora 21st
2002/03 Scott Lennon 117.4 km/h   Temora 22nd
2003/04 Don Woodward 107.25 km/h PIK 20D Waikerie 23rd
2004/05 Terry Cubley 128.45 km/h   Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Terry Cubley 125.6 km/h   Benalla 25th
2006/7 Jim Crowhurst 122.5 km/h ASW19b Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Peter Trotter    ASW20  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Peter Trotter    ASW20  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  David Jansen    ASG29 Lake Keepit  29th

The Commonwealth Banking Corporation Club Class 2 Seater Trophy

Commonwealth Banking Corporation Trophy
 Second Place Trophy

(Club Class Nationals, formerly Sports & 2-Seater Class)
The Commonwealth Banking Corporation Two-seater Class Second Place National Championship Trophy is awarded each year at the Sports and two seater Class National Championships to pilots or clubs gaining second place in the contest.

It was donated in 1988 by The Corowa Branch of the Commonwealth Bank, the occasion of the 7th Sports & Two-Seater Class National championships being held at Corowa in January of that year.

Season Pilot Glider State Venue  Nationals
1987/8 Chris Thorpe/Noel Vagg Zephyrus VIC Corowa 7th
1988/9 R. Clarkson Twin Astir   Corowa 8th
1989/90 Baylee Roberts Twin Astir   Mildura 9th
1990/91 Not recorded     Mildura 10th
1991/92 Not recorded     Leeton 11th
1992/93 Not recorded     Leeton 12th
1993/94 Paul Matthews Stemme S10   Corowa 13th
1994/95 A. Furniston/M. Simpson ASK13 NSW Corowa 14th
1995/96 Emilis Prelgauskas & others Twin Astir SA Renmark 15th
1996/97 David Cleland/Peter Buskens Twin Astir VIC Renmark 16th
1997/98 No Contest   NSW Temora 17th
In 1998 the name was changed to Club Class to align with an FAI decision but the numbering was retained.
1998/99 Steve O'Donnell/Harry Ryan     Temora 18th
1999/2000 Simon Hackett/Emilis Prelgauskas IS-30 SA Gawler 19th
2000/01 Not awarded     Benalla 20th
2001/02 Not awarded     Temora 21st
2002/3 Not awarded     Temora 22nd
2003/4 Not awarded     Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Dave Cleland & Colin Adam   VIC Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Not awarded     Benalla 25th
2006/7 Not awarded     Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Not awarded
     Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Not awarded      Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Not awarded
     Lake Keepit

The Riley Aeronautics Trophy

for the Most Successful Two-Seater Performance

Riley Aeronautics Trophy

Bill Riley has been most active in the gliding scene over many uears. A glider pilot and light aircraft pilot with international experience, he flew with two other pilots in a formation of three Self-launching Gliders from Rumania to Essendon airport. Bill Riley bases his glider operations at Tocumwal in NSW on the Murray River. Bill Riley's continuing contribution to gliding has been in every aspect of the sport.

The RILEY AERONAUTICS TROPHY was intended to be for the most successful two-seater performance. However it has been used as an award for other classes.

In 1978, when GFA re-allocated its trophies, the Riley Aeronautics Trophy was returned to its intended place in the trophy schedule and was awarded for the longest two-seater flight each year. Accordingly it could be won at the National Two-Seater Championships.

In 1987 the trophy was again re-allocated when handicapping lost favour. It then became the Decentralised Competitions Club Team Trophy, to be awarded to the club whose participants gained the most points for a maximum of three pilots and a maximum of three entries.

The Decentralised Comps then suffered the loss of its Convenor and was not conducted again until 1989.

In 1990 Bill Riley specifically requested that his trophy be returned to its original purpose, as a Two-Seater Trophy for the Sports and Two-Seater National Championships. The donation of a new trophy for the D.C.C facilitated this.

In 2003 the trophy, having become somewhat dilapidated, was refurbished by the T.O. with a new wooden plinth of the same shape as previously but finished in bronze lacquer instead of black. The plaques were reinstalled in a more orderly fashion leaving space for future entries.

Season Pilot(s) State Venue S & 2S Nats
1966/7 M.Jinks,  P.Rohrlach,  J.Rowe SA Narromine 7th
1967/8 C.Downes,  H.Elloitt Vic Benalla 8th
1968/9 R.Deane,  R.C.Moore SA Renmark 9th
1969/70 A.Latemore,  J.McCaffrey Qld Narromine 10th
1970/1 D.Jones,  Sue Martin SA Benalla 11th
1971/2 M.Jinks,  J.Rowe  SA Waikerie 12th
1972/3 J.Coolhaas,  W.Geisler NSW Waikerie                13th
1973/4 No contest, World Comps      
1974/5 G.W.Nicholls,  P.J.Nicholls SA Narromine 14th
1975/6 I.Renner,  J.Rowe NSW Tocumwal 15th
1976/7 J.Harris,  R.Smart SA Renmark 16th
1980/1 R.Druce,  G.Skarbek Vic Narromine 17th
1983/4 I.Renner NSW Benalla 23rd FAI
1984/5 A.G.Tabart Vic Leeton 24th FAI
1985/6 J.Coutts Vic Gawler    25th FAI
1989/90 Noel Vagg & others Vic D.C.C  
1993/4 Baylee.Roberts & others SA Corowa 13th S & 2-S
1994/5 Chris Thorpe & Gordon Pope Vic Corowa 14th S & 2-S
1995/6 Les Webster & Bert Persson Qld Renmark 15th S & 2-S
1996/7 No Contest insufficient entries   Renmark 16th  S &  2-S
1997/8 Harry & Wendy Medlicott NSW Temora 17th S & 2S
1998/9 Harry Medlicott NSW Temora 18th
99/2000 Harry Medlicott NSW Gawler 19th Club & Spts
2000/1 Not awarded   Benalla 20th C & Sp
2001/02 Not awarded         Trophy Missing     Temora 21st C & Sp
2002/3 Mark Laird/ Ian McPhee NSW Temora 22nd
2003/4 Not awarded   Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Cathy Conway, Simon Hackett SA Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Not contested   Benalla 25th
2006/7 Not contested   Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Not contested    Kingaroy 27th
 2008/9  Not Contested    Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Not Contested    Lake Keepit  29th