Australia is fielding a team of three pilots for the Junior World Gliding Championships (JWGC), sending Australia’s top glider pilots under 26 years old to compete.

Terry Cubley, Executive Officer of the GFA said, “The team is strong, with Ailsa and Dylan both having flown the Junior Worlds in Australia in 2015. Dylan flew championships in Lithuania in the past two years, giving him competitive experience at the site, and Ailsa has just completed the Women's Worlds, so she is in good practice. This is Reuben's first international experience and will provide a good base for future championships. Two of the three pilots are young enough to fly in the next one or two Junior Worlds, which means the future is bright for Australian Junior flying.”

Meet the Australian Joeys

Ailsa McMillan, 23 years old from Caulfield, Victoria
Geelong Gliding Club

Fresh from competing in the Women’s World Gliding Championships in Czech Republic, Ailsa is in a good position to perform well, perhaps even bagging the podium spot she missed at the WWGC. Ailsa won three races and topped the leader board for much of the championships but was knocked into 5th position on the last two days.

Alilsa McMillan Day Winner wwgc2017

Ailsa narrowly missed a podium position at WWGC Czech Republic


Dylan Lampard, 21 years old from Tingapa in Qld
Kingaroy Soaring Club

At just 21 Dylan has already represented Australia at JWGC Narromine NSW in 2015. He is an outstanding pilot with a promising competition career ahead of him. He is a great team player and helped the current Junior World Gliding Champion, Matthew Scutter from South Australia, to gain victory at JWGC Narromine.

Dylan Lampard w

 Australian Junior World Gliding Team member Dylan Lampard

Dylan Lampard Matt Scutter

Dylan Lampard and Matthew Scutter stand together on the podium at JWGC Narromine 2015. After winning the Gold Medal, Scutter invited Dylan to share the podium with him for selflessly helping his team mate achieve victory.

Reuben Lane, 20 years old from Paterson, NSW
Mt Beauty Gliding Club

Reuben has rapidly moved up the competition rankings while flying competitions around Australia. He will go into JWGC in top form. Like his Australian team mates, he will face stiff competition from the international pilots.
We will bring you more news from Lithuania as the competition unfolds.

Reuben Lane

The JWGC takes place every two years.
JWGC at Pociunai, Lithuania starts on 30 July with the last exciting race day on 13 August.
JWGC Lithuania

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The sport of gliding is an exhilarating, spectacular and serene flying experience. Gliders take to the air like birds with wings outstretched, soaring on rising air currents, immersed in three-dimensional space and flying silently with an eagle’s view of the world.

Men and women of all ages can learn to fly gliders. In Australia you can fly solo from the age of 15 and some pilots continue gliding into their eighties. It is never too late to learn to glide and many pilots take up the sport in their 40s, 50s or even 70s. 

The modern glider is a sophisticated, highly aerodynamic aircraft without an engine, designed to travel at speeds approaching 300 kph and capable of heights in excess of 10,000 metres.


The 34th FAI World Gliding Championships will be held in Benalla, Victoria, on 8 - 22 January 2017. Over 115 competitors from 29 nations will compete in one of the greatest sport aviation events in the world.