IGC Rankings updated for 2019/20 season


All National and State competitions for the 2019/20 season have now been scored on the IGC ranking list, with the exception of the QLD State comps, which unfortunately was too late to meet the October 31 deadline (the IGC season ends on 30 September which means the QLD comp fell into the 2018/19 season).
If you have participated in a State or Nationals event, and are interested in your IGC ranking, this can be found at igcrankings.fai.org Please check the results and report any discrepancies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that where classes are combined, due to insufficient numbers, then only the inclusive class is scored by the IGC. This is to prevent pilots getting two IGC scores for the one performance.
Australia now has 3 pilots ranked in the world's top 100. Peter Temple moves up one place to 80th, Adam Woolley drops 16 places to 73rd, and Matthew Scutter moves up 7 places to 68th after his win at last season's Hahnweide competition.


IGC Rankings