Odonnell cockpit

Many members are being impacted by limitations on their flying as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Some are unable to fly at all, some have lost their income, some clubs have closed and estimates of how long this will last suggest 3-6 months. This produces a major risk to GFA members being unable to continue their membership so the GFA Board has determined to help through this period.

Effective 26thMarch, all current 12 month members, will have their membership automatically extended by 6 months. Therefore if you have received a renewal notice to be paid by the end of March 2020, and have not yet paid, your membership will be extended to the end of September 2020. If your membership falls due at the end of August 2020, then your membership will be extended to the end of February 2021. Etc. So all 12 month members will get a membership extension of 6 months for their GFA membership.

If you paid your membership recently, your new expiry date will be 6 months later, so all members will get the benefit.

Go Membership will be updated shortly to show these changes, to confirm just look at GM to verify that your membership expiry has been updated. This should be completed within the week.

In addition, we have advised those members on a 3-month membership who are not able to fly that we will put their membership on hold until they advise the office that they are able to resume, once flying returns to normal, so they can complete their membership benefits.

We look forward to a return to a more normal world and wish all members well as they deal with these medical and financial problems.

Pete Cesco

GFA President