The RANGA Scholarship has been granted to Chelsea Symes, who is a member of Bendigo GC.
The scholarship runs from July 2019 to July2020 and provides up to $1,500 towards flying training in gliders up to and beyond solo.
Chelsea was first introduced to gliding by her uncle, Steve Baldini who is an enthusiastic pilot and half owner of an ASW 19. The magic obviously influenced Chelsea, who has determined that her future career will be that of an airline pilot and that gliding experience is valued by future employers. The RANGA scholarship will be of great assistance to Chelsea in achieving her goal.

On hearing the news Chelsea said, ‘When I received the email saying I had received it, I was speechless, I never thought an opportunity like this would come along for me. My uncle has been a glider pilot for many years and he introduced me to it when I was much younger.  He would explain the physics of flight and how each control affected the way the glider moved. In early 2019 I began my training and accumulating hours toward going solo which I hope to do by the end of the year or early 2020.’