Following extensive cooperation and lobbying, CASA has just announced that they have accepted a joint  proposal from 8 of the 9 Sport Aviation Organisations with regards to the appropriate level of funding to be provided over the next two years.

CASA originally proposed to reduce GFA funding by over $40,000, but the 8 sport aviation organisations reviewed and agreed on a set of parameters with regard to the work that they do, and put this to CASA. The outcome sees GFA lose $24,000 with some of the smaller associations (Rotorcraft, HGFA, Warbirds) getting an increase. RAAus decided not to cooperate with the other 8 and put in a separate claim for an additional $62,000 but CASA has decided to increase their funding by $20.000 rather than impacting the other organisations.

GFA President Peter Cesco said, 'This smaller reduction in CASA funding will make it a little easier for the GFA board to manage our budget.'