Aus Team Podium

The Gliding Federation of Australia is delighted to announce that Australia will be sending a team of four Junior pilots to the JWGC in Szeged, Hungary in July/August 2019. Selected for their strong performance at Joey Glide are

  • David Collins,
  • Reuben Lane,
  • Josh Geerlings, and
  • Michael Keller. 

David, Reuben and Michael will be flying Club class, Josh will be flying standard. Team Captain & Coach is Allan Barnes. 

Overseas Gliding events can be quite daunting financially, especially to young pilots who often have limited resources. Each pilot must find the funds to cover airfares, accomodation, glider & car hire, entry fees, aerotows. etc. The GFA & Paul Mander Trust have already contributed, but the majority of the cost is still outstanding. 

Through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations to this assistance fund are tax deductible!

All contributions will be shared equally between the four pilots, and will help them to perform at their best. Please support our Juniors in their quest to represent Australia at the World Championships.

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