Lisa Trotter

Lisa Trotter, Standard Class

The Soaring Development Panel has announced the Australian team to compete in the Women’s World Gliding Championships to be held at Lake Keepit in January 2020. Australia is able to select 9 positions for the championships, three in each class – Club, Standard and 18m.

The really exciting outcome is that we have 9 excellent women plots who will be able to represent us well at these championships, all with excellent soaring skills and experience at the highest levels. This speaks well for the standard of women soaring pilots in Australia.

Alilsa McMillan Day Winner wwgc2017

Ailsa McMillan, 18m Class

Jenny Ganderton

Jenny Ganderton Club Class

The team members are:

Club Class:  Jenny Ganderton, Jo Davis, Kerrie Claffey

Standard Class: Cathy Conway, Claire Scutter, Lisa Trotter

18m Class: Ailsa McMillan, Jenny Thompson, Lisa Turner

All 9 pilots competed well in the Narromine Nationals or the Lake Keepit Nationals this last few months, some in both. All are very current and quite focused on preparing for the world championships and will be practising hard over the next 12 months.

Kerrie Claffey

Kerrie Claffey Club Class

Other Australian representatives

Also, Australian resident Akemi Ichikawa will be representing Japan in Standard class

Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner 18m Class

GFA support

The GFA will be providing some funding to the pilots, equivalent to the funds provided to 3-4 competitors, but with 9 competitors these funds are shared fairly sparsely. We are seeking support from GFA Members and Clubs and Regions in order to raise some funds to help the pilots prepare and compete equally with the international teams.

The pilots have to find enough money to pay the entry fee ($1000) plus tows $1500, plus accommodation for themselves and Crew plus travel and in somecase glider hire. The aim is 3,000 per pilot and we definitely need the help of GFA members. We have organised a Sports Foundation donation scheme which provides a tax deduction for any donation.

Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson 18m Class

Jo Davis

Jo Davis Club Class

Aussie WWGC Team

Several members of the Australian WWGC team as well as Sarah Thompson and Fran
Ning, and Maddie the dog.


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