Recently we have introduced changes to the way in which Badge and Distance Claims are made. The process is now completely online and no paper forms or separate payments will be accepted.

The online claim form is part of the MyGFA Menu, and it will take you through a claim process similar to the way the paper form used to operate.  It will ask you to choose the pilot name and the Official Observer from the list of valid OOs and before submitting your claim it will require you to pay the appropriate fee online (not in the GFA Shop).  The fees have been reduced and simplified.

Please note that the fee is now payable regardless of whether your claim is successful or not, so it is in your interest to ensure that the claim is valid before sending it in.  Your Official Observer should help you to determine this.

You should also make sure that your chosen Official Observer is current before you do your flight.  A list of Official Observers can be found in the Gliding Information section of the GFA Website."

It is important to also list that the OO must be present and observe both the pre task declaration in the FR's carried on the flight and must be present to observe the file from the FR's taken post flight.