The following Awards have been determined and were awarded at the GFA AGM, 25th August 2018

Wally Woods Trophy    

Longest X/C flight of the season (May 2017 to April 2018)    Kerrie Claffey 1046.56km       

Martin Warner Trophy 

Greatest claimed Gain of height for the season (May 2017 to April 2018)  Rick Agnew, gain of height 20,879ft 6/5/2017 near Jindabyne NSW Max altitude 25,286ft.       

Bob Irvine Trophy  

Flight with highest OLC points score (May 2017 to April 2018)    Tobias Geiger, 1177.24 pts, 3/2/2008
LS4, 970km.      

Bill Iggulden Award – Ian Grant

Ian commenced being VSA President in July 2011 and has been a GFA Board member on numerous occasions since then. He has been a very active VSA President / GFA Board member and actively resolved administrative and management issues with enthusiasm, dedication and diligence.
Ian has been a strong advocate for Strategic Planning and contributed tirelessly on the development and execution of the GFA Strategic Plan over many years. He has worked collaboratively to better integrate the activities of regional associations with those of our national GFA.

Ian has been a supporter of youth and women and membership development, securing funding and succession planning which has seen a significant number of women taking on admin roles within the VSA.
Ian has applied his practical development and governance skills to assist the Executive and Board with improvements in this area. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of both grass roots training and high performance flying, encouraging greater participation and sharing of skills and knowledge, including valuable support to operations, airworthiness, sports and marketing and development departments.

VSA President
Ian Grant 2003 - 2005   
Ian Grant  2010 - 2012
Ian Grant  2015 - Present

GFA Roles
2004 -  2005 :  Chair of the new  GFA Marketing & Development Department
GFA Treasurer 2006 - 2010
VSA Alternate Board Delegate 2011 - 2013
VSA Board representative during my terms as VSA President - about 9 years.

Ryan Award – Len Diekman

Len’s involved and contribution towards airworthiness in GFA has seen him invest much of his time for club, state and federal benefit.
Len has held responsible roles at all levels that saw him involved with –
1.     Co-ordination of many airworthiness courses, including –
a.     Form 2 inspector training
b.     Minor repairs
c.     Wood and fabric survey inspection and repairs
d.     Weight and balance
e.     Provide unofficial support, advice and assistance to any GFA member as required for W&B, inspection and repairs etc
2.     Many years in capacity of state and federal roles including –
a.     RTO/A
b.     CTO/A
c.     Accident investigation
d.     Provide advice and support for CTOs and RTOs
e.     Conduct repair workshop audits

Hoinville Award – Richard Geytenbeek

Over the past 5 years or so Richard Geytenbeek has made a significant contribution to a broad
area of GFA activities. Richard brings to Gliding a set full of skills, instructor, maintainer, tug pilot, competition  pilot, that make him an all rounder, he is also a very talented graphic designer and artist and the contributions he has made that is area I’d like to focus on in my nomination for this award.

Richard has successfully blended his skills and experience with his creative talent and passion to assist Operations, Airworthiness to bring to life their new manuals and it is his drawings and graphics that set our new documents apart;  his diagrams are worth a thousand words. More recently Richard has produced a set of gliding specific, GFA branded  Safety Posters that have successfully lifted the profile of our serious safety messages with a hint of humour to help the  message stick. I know that he’s often working on several projects at the same time.   

RANGA Scholarship

the winner of the RANGA Scholarship, who isDaniel Boyle, age 22, from Darling Downs Soaring Club.