K21 DSC 0023

NSW Gliding is conducting a Course and Assessments for GFA Airworthiness Authorities for Replacement of Components from 3:00pm 2nd September to Saturday 8th September 2018 at Piper’s Field Bathurst, NSW, at the facilities of Bathurst Soaring Club.

The course involves a week of intensive yet appropriately paced work and answers to some frequently asked questions given below.
What is the course structure?
The course is made up of workshop and seminar sessions on practical sailplane inspection, component replacement and maintenance. All work will focus on approved procedures and data as well as interpretation and completion of all appropriate documentation for annual inspection of non-powered sailplanes. Organised activities are scheduled daily throughout the course from 8am to approximately 8.30pm from Monday to Friday and activities on the first day (Sunday) will commence at 3.00 pm. Activities will be end before lunch on Saturday, the final day.

You can download information and enrolment forms below:


Airw Enrolment ROC 2018 Docx

Airw Enrolment ROC 2018 PDF

Airw Information ROC 2018 Docx

Airw Information ROC 2018 PDF