Horsham GP

The Australian leg of the 9th World Sailplane Grand Prix will be held at Horsham 22- 28 January 2018. Planning for the SGP in the 18m Class is well underway, and the spring preparations of Horsham Airfield have begun.

The airfield will once again be manicured to its best condition and opportunities for the public to follow the racing via the internet will certainly be available. The committee has been working hard behind the scenes to make this Grand Prix better than the highly successful event held in December 2016. With excellent thermal-producing wheat fields, the Grampians National Park close by and every paddock suitable as an outlanding site, safe, thrilling, high-speed finishes are highly likely.

Grand Prix racing is the most competitive, exciting and exhilarating form of sailplane racing, and the chance to participate in this event is open to all 18m glider pilots. As last year, each race will take place around a closed course of 200 – 400km during the strongest part of the day, and will take about two to three hours depending on the weather conditions in the race area.

The contest will be held over seven days, allowing pilots the opportunity to compete in different conditions. Each race starts with the opening of a 5km long start line by the race director. The start provides an exciting spectacle with all competitors streaming through the start together.
All interested pilots need to register online at www.spg.aero/australia2018 and will be considered on a first-in, best-dressed basis. Due to stringent rules regarding Grand Prix racing, only the top 20 pilots, chosen according to their world ranking, will be allowed entry.

Already Horsham Flying Club has had enquiries from international pilots in South Africa and Italy, and expects to receive more in the coming weeks.

Arnold Niewand    0429857275
(Contest Chairman)