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The GFA Board is calling for expressions of interest for provision of a gliding weather forecasting program that is appropriate for our social flyers and others in the early stages of cross country and competition flying. We expect those who learn the benefits of this approach may then want to purchase one of the commercial packages such as Skysite or XC Skies as their expectations rise.

The program would need to provide basic details such as thermal strength and altitude, wind, cloud cover and some convergence information. We imagine this to be at the level previously available through RASP.

We would want the model to cover all Australian gliding sites and states.
We anticipate paying a set fee each year to develop and maintain the program, whether this be a fixed amount or a per capita amount. Currently we have approximately 2,500 members nationally.
It could be provided through the GFA web page with a login, or accessed through its own web site.
We would like to commence the service prior to December if that is possible.

If you have the necessary skills and interest to provide this service, please submit an Expression of Interest providing details of the program and an estimate of the fee for delivery. We are open for negotiating the scope and price of the service.

Please send your responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the end of September 2017.