GFA is pleased to announce the launch of Soaring into the Future.

    The launch can be viewed live from the AGM via the GFA Facebook page from 4pm E.S.T. on Saturday 26th August. By joining this streaming opportunity, you can participate in the Members Forum which will provide details of the Simulator project, the recent members survey and the launch of S2F  https://www.facebook.com/glidingfederation/

    The new S2F web page will become live at 4pm and you will be able to view the 2 new video’s starring Matthew Scutter and Andrea Johnston. https://discoversoaring.com.au/

This bold new initiative has clear aims; to Standardise, Modernise and Prioritise gliding in Australia, to improve the member experience, to improve retention and grow membership.

This initiative is entirely voluntary - clubs have the option to opt in if they wish or to continue on as before.

For those clubs that do join us we will work with you and provide resources to reduce the workload on club volunteers, to set out clear pathways to allow pilots to progress more efficiently, to organise approved week long courses, to equip Instructors, coaches and AW personnel with modern teaching techniques and tools.

In the next 3 years  -
·        Standardise - training, documentation (eg glider pilot training record), procedures

·        Modernise - electronic log keeping, cashless systems, integrated book keeping, teaching methods

·        Prioritise - arrange courses to suit members - week long courses, remove the burden from clubs - prioritise Flying and Fun

·        Clear new pathways;

o    Flying Start for ab initio pilots

o    Flying Further for post solo pilots

o    Flying Faster for improving cross country pilots

o    Pathway to instructing,

o    Becoming a Coach,

o    Airworthiness progression from DI to major repairs

o    Competitions for those who want to.
First steps in the next 12 months will be;

    Securing funding and recruiting members
    Rolling out a Pilot of our Flying Further pathway to a few selected clubs
    Engaging with and Supporting clubs
    Writing the new syllabus
    Setting minimum standards for club facilities, equipment and IT

I hope that all members will embrace these initiatives as a way to improve access to gliding for all.

Want to get involved? To help Standardise, Modernise, Prioritise

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know which area you would like to be involved with, and how long you would like to be involved. It may be for a short, medium or long time.
It’s up to you.

Mandy Temple   - Chair

S2F - Standardise, Modernise, Prioritise