Day 11 webcam 11am

Webcam image from Zbraslavice 11am local time 2 June

After ten days of flying racing in Czech Republic, Ailsa McMillan, 23 years old from Victoria is in the GOLD MEDAL position with just two racing days left to go.

Ailsa has won three races and been at the top of the leader board over the duration of the gruelling 12-day racing program. Taking her 3rd Day win on 1 June Ailsa consolidated her lead. Now she just has to fly consistently for the next two days. The thoughts of the Australian gliding community are with Alisa, Jenny and Claire as they prepare for launch on Day 11.

Defending Club Class  Champion, Sabrina Vogt from Germany will not give up her championship title easily. She has proven that she too has what it takes to win and will not concede defeat until that final race is over on Saturday 3 June. We have two more exciting days until the champion is declared.

As gridding for Day 11  comes to an end, take a look at the Club Class task for the day. The second turnpoint will the the contestants Pribram, the site that will host the  Open, 18m ans 20 m WGC in 2018.

Follow the race live online

The first launch is scheduled for 7:45 pm Australian Eastern time.

174 LEDEC NAD SAZAVOU 13.75 km 339.2° Line 10.00 km (Radius 5.00 km)
252 PAVOV 36.98 km 138.0° Cylinder R=0.50 km
269 PRAHA 132.28 km 280.9° Cylinder R=0.50 km
399 ZIROVNICE 109.97 km 113.8° Cylinder R=0.50 km
001 SP1 ZBRASLAVICE 59.32 km 0.6° Cylinder R=3.00 km
Total: 338.55 km


Day 11 Task Club