Final Day Winners w

Before the championship medals were awarded, the final day winners received their day win medals. Above Open Class Day winners 21 January

Riccardo Brigliadori, 1st centre, Peter Szabo2nd left, Bruce Taylor 3rd right

Champions Declared - Medals Awarded in Three Racing Classes at Sunny Closing Ceremony

The new World Gliding Champions are
Open Class
Gold - Russell Cheetham  - Great Britain
Silver - Michael Sommer  - Germany
Bronze - Andrew Davis  - Great Britain

Open Class Champions

18 Metre Class
Gold - Killian Walbrou - France
Silver - Mario Kiessling - Germany
Bronze - Mike Young - Great Britain

18 M Champions

15 Metre Class
Gold - Sebastian Kawa - Poland
Silver - Makoto Ichikawa - Japan
Bronze - Lukasz Grabowski - Poland

15 M Classes

Team Performance
Gold - Great Britain
Silver - France
Bronze - Germany

Team Champions