Horsham Livetrack D1

After an exciting low-level race, Day 1 of SGP Horsham is over. Local Australian pilots Brian DuRieu and Tim Wilson took the first two places, followed by WGC Benalla entrants Bill Gawthrop from the USA and Brett Hunter from New Zealand.

Low thick cloud made climbs few and hard to find. Australian WGC team members Andrew Georgeson and Peter Temple pushed out well at the beginning.

Peter pulled away from the gaggle after the first turnpoint, followed by American Sean Fiddler. Both slowed down while looking for climbs. Sean landed out and Peter Temple recovered to finish 5th over the line, picking up one point.

Andrew Georgeson and the rest of the fleet had to push their engine buttons and jet home.

The 197.5km task was visually arresting to watch on LiveTrack in 3D mode as the pilots skimmed over the Wimmera Plains near Horsham.

Be ready to put your work aside and shut the door to your office. Close the blinds, tell your colleagues you are ‘in a meeting’ and don’t miss tomorrow’s SGP Horsham race live at sgp.aero/australia2016.

Full results at sgp.aero/australia2016/results-sgp/results.aspx