After strong performances in the Australian summer national gliding competitions, the Aussie team for WGC2017 Benalla has been decided.

Bruce Taylor will fly in Open Class. Bruce has previously represented Australia at WGC Borlange in 1993, as well as Omarama, St Auban, Beyreuth, Gawler, Reiti and Uvalde. Andrew Georgeson will also be on the team, flying in his first international competition.

18 Metre Class will be represented by Peter Temple who will be taking part in his fourth Worlds, having flown at Vinon-sur-Verdon, Reiti and Prievidza. Joining him will be Tom Claffey, who flew at Mafeking, Szeged, Uvalde, Leszno and two FAI Sailplane Grand Prix finals.  

15 Metre Class will be Steve O'Donnell, who flew at the previous Benalla WGC in 1987 and Matthew Scutter, who has competed in three Junior World Gliding championships and is the current Junior World Champion in Standard Class.

Photo: Peter Temple, Matthew Scutter and Bruce Taylor at the Australian Multiclass Nationals (Pre-worlds) January 2016.