Australian Matthew Scutter finished in 22nd place on the day but maintained his commanding lead of the field to win the Standard Class Championship by 255 points.

Robin Smit of the Netherlands beat Matthew, coming in 18th for the day, and also maintained his overall second place position to take the JWGC Silver medal.

Sebastian Nagel perhaps had the most to gain today and finished in seventh place. However, his overall position remained unchanged and he won the JWGC Bronze medal for Germany.


Australians Alisa McMillan finished the competition in a distinguished style in 13th position, closely followed by team mate Dylan Lampard in 14th place.

The day winners in Standard Class were Lithuanians Joris Vainius followed by Marius Pluscauskas with Ronald Deerenberg taking third place on the day to finish the competition strongly.

Overall, the three Polish competitors Mateusz Siodloczek, Jakub Pulawski, Jacek Flis took places four, five and six, followed by Czechs Radek Krejcirik and Pavel Trybenekr.

Matthew Scutter landing final day


Tom Arcsott from Britain needed to perform strongly today and he did, coming in second to take the championship position back from German Phillip Schulz.

Schulz failed to capitalise on his lead, coming in 16th on the day. But it was good enough to keep him in Sliver Medal position overall.

Sam Roddie was a big gainer today, coming in third and regaining the Bronze medal for Britain.

German Simon Schmidt-Meinzer finished 20th and in fourth place overall.

Special mention must be made of 17 year old Australian James Nugent who finished the day fourth and took fifth place overall, just three points behind Simon.

Eric Stauss came in eighth for the day and finished 12th overall, and fellow Australian Joseph O'Donnell finished 13th and in 21st position overall.

Tom Arscott Gold Meldal in Club Class for Great Britain

The day began with remarkably good humour among the 40 or so contestants who landed out yesterday. Annemiek Koers from the Netherlands was all smiles despite the difficulties her crew had in locating her in the vast wheat paddocks to the north, only arriving back at Narromine near dawn.

The morning briefing was lively, filled with laughter and the usual claps and cheers for the previous day winners and Honourable Mention recipiants.

The friendly but highly competitive atmosphere of this contest has been a joy to watch and an honour for everyone involved to be a part of.

Not surprisingly, the Australian team, the mostly Australian organising committee and the media team were all excited and overjoyed when Matthew Scutter crossed the threshold of runway 22 - a bit later than expected.

Soon, the English contingent was cheering and hooting horns in a justified display of pride for Tom Arscott's and Sam Roddie's achievement.

After the contestants, all champions in our eyes, dutifully cleaned and put away their gliders - many de-rigging them - the entire clan of pilots, teams, organisers and visitors descended on the briefing hangar for a well-deserved, slap up party put on by Narromine Gliding club [thanks to Beryl Hartley and all the crew ED].

To borrow the accolade, Narromine was the best JWGC ever.

Full Results at JWGC2015 Results

Sean Young

Photos: Top Sean Young Below: Al Sim