June 28, 2020

Webinar Series for Gliding Volunteers Reminder

Register now for these webinars, custom-made to help you and your clubs. The first 3 clubs that have at least 2 members attending each webinar will receive a Gliding Australia 'Merch Pack' to help the clubs with promotions.REGISTER at https://bit.ly/3dwPUk7
May 12, 2020
Odonnell cockpit

GFA Membership Support

Many members are being impacted by limitations on their flying as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Some are unable to fly at all, some have lost their income, some clubs have closed and estimates of how long this will last suggest 3-6 months. This produces a…
May 09, 2020

Three Australians in top 100 IGC Rankings

IGC Rankings updated for 2019/20 season All National and State competitions for the 2019/20 season have now been scored on the IGC ranking list, with the exception of the QLD State comps, which unfortunately was too late to meet the October 31 deadline (the…
April 02, 2020

Australian Teams for World Gliding Championships Announced

Now that all Australian qualifying competitions have been completed, the Australian teams to compete at the next World Gliding Championships have been finalised. Stendal - Germany18m Class: John Buchanan and Geoff BrownOpen Class: David Jansen20m 2-seater…
March 31, 2020
NSW GlidingCoaching

NSW Coaching Week

1-7 November at Narromine Available for all pilots chasing badges and seeking to further their Xctry skills and speedsExperienced coaches, including Bruce Taylor will be on-hand to provide lectures and coachingCoaching will be available in lead and follow…
January 28, 2020

AUSFLY 2020 All Aviators Under One Sky

AusFly is a relaxed, traditional Aussie fly-in event where aircraft owners, pilots, builders, industry supporters and enthusiasts come along and soak up the true spirit of Australian general aviation. AusFly is a non-commercial event, focussed on all aviation…
January 17, 2020
Team winners WWGC Lake Keepit

WWGC Lake Keepit Concludes Champions Declared

The closing ceremony of the WWGC Lake Keepit saw the French team receive the gold medal for their combined peformance followed by Great Britain with silver and Italy receiving the bronze medal. France dominated the 18m Class with a consistent performances by…
January 16, 2020

10 Days Racing at WWGC Lake Keepit

The 10th racing day of WWGC Lake Keepit began with a different sky with grey high clouds and the hint of rain in the distance. At briefing, weatherman Dave Shorter was once again confident that it would be another good soaring day. Task setter Bruce Taylor…
January 14, 2020

Great Racing Weather High Speeds at WWGC Lake Keepit

Jenny Ganderton Club Class Australia on the flight line It was another great soaring day at Lake Keepit. After oversetting the tasks on 10 January and hitting the sweet spot yesterday, the weather today exceeded expectations and all tasks were completed with…
January 13, 2020

Australians Win 18m and Standard Classes at WWGC Lake Keepit

Claire Scutter came in 2nd just behind teammate LisaTrotter for a great result in Standard Class. Sheepishly, after the landout of every competitor on 10 January, weather forecaster Dave Shorter and task setter Bruce Taylor presented the day’s analysis at…
January 10, 2020
WWGC Lake Keepit LAnd D1 293


The weather forecast was for another good day with a later finish. An official rest day was declared for Saturday, when the weather was expected to be weaker and cooler. With much enthusiasm and hope, the fleet was launched. However, early starters – perhaps…
January 09, 2020
WWGC Lake KEepit SY 0666

Cumulus and changing conditions on good AAT day at WWGC Lake Keepit

Lisa Turner waiting to launch her ASG29. Today’s launch time was set for 11am. Dave Shorter forecast a good day but again cautioned that there would be an early cut off to soaring conditions and recommended that the pilots be in final glide by 4.30pm. Some…