Guidelines and instructions for submitting reports of safety related occurrences (accidents and incidents) related to gliding operations and related club activities.  Note that IRIS has now been replaced by the in-house developed SOAR system.

There are two ways of submitting a Safety Occurrence Report, online using SOAR or by using a hard copy paper form awhich can be downloaded from the website and sent to the GFA office for entry into SOAR

There are two reasons for reporting occurrences which may have safety implications. The first is to comply with our Safety Management System which seeks to ensure that we learn from experience and are able to develop our activities, operational rules and practices to achieve the best safety outcomes based on sound, real world information. The second is to ensure compliance with our reporting obligations under both Australian Transport Safety Board and the GFA statutory requirements.

Gliding Operations (SOAR)

Confidential occurrence reporting of operational matters was previously managed through an external database, IRIS.  This has now been replaced by the GFA's own SOAR (Safety, Operations and Airworthiness Reports System.  The SOAR system is available by logging into the members Self Service area of this website.

If you have a bookmarked access to IRIS please delete it as it no longer in use. 

While all members can acess this database to lodge a report, due to confidentiality reasons only a select few people in senior operations and airworthiness positions have full access to the system. Instructions on how to log into the system can be found in the Administration Documents section of this website.  The direct link is here.

When using either SOAR on-line or the hard copy form if the report is checked as requiring submission to ATSB that will happen automatically. Reports will also be automatically copied to relevant GFA Officers

You need to be a GFA member registered for access to the GFA website to use SOAR.

If you experience any difficulty accessing the online reporting system, please use the hard copy reporting form below.

CLICK HERE if you wish to lodge a hard copy report.

With either reporting method fill in all available details relevant to the occurrence. Leave blank any items not relevant. If information is not available immediately it is better to submit the report and provide the additional information later.

SMS and Airworthiness

At present the SOAR System does not support the submission of Safety and Airworthiness related reports however that feature will soon be introduced.

Under our SMS, reporting is not limited to activity directly related to flying operations but includes all activities undertaken by members. While of necessity the Occurrence Reporting process is developed around flying operations and airworthiness issues any type of occurrence can be included. 

GFA members are encouraged to report any occurrences related to club activities which may have adverse safety implications. If in doubt it is better to submit a report than not.

The GFA along with the wider aviation industry wishes to encourage the active reporting of safety issues generally and has adopted the concept of a "Just Culture" which ensures that any formal response to a reported occurrence will be appropriate to the circumstances and will not punish a genuine human error as it would for gross negligence or wilful violation.

The detailed information provided by the reporting process will be used where necessary and appropriate to investigate the occurrence and identify possible causal factors, while summary statistical information will be used to identify and analyse trends and assist in developing safety based policies for the future.