We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Family Membership, which is open to close family members of all GFA full flying members.

Join here Family Membership - or look under menu - Members information/membership.

This membership is FREE and does not require them to become a club member, but we hope that clubs will provide this opportunity to make them feel even more welcome. The new membership is to enable family members to more easily engage in the sport and the club and provides BBL insurance cover when volunteering in the sport. It should also allow the flying members more time to follow their passion.

Family members can fly as a Private Passenger at any time, but if they decide they would like to take gliding a little further they can take out a Flying Family Membership. The cost of this flying membership is $60 per year and the rights and privileges are very similar to those of an Air Experience Flight - they can receive instruction but no pilot-in-command rights, no solo, they must fly with an instructor to touch the controls and they must be a member of a Club. We hope that clubs will embrace this initiative and offer a minimal or zero membership fee to encourage family members to start to learn to fly.

Naturally the hope is that a number of these Flying Family Members will then progress in their training and wish to go solo and become full members of GFA.

Terry Cubley
GFA Executive Officer