Development meeting team April 17

From L to R, Steve Pallas Sports Community, Ian Caldwell CMD, Tighe Patching Vic, David Fosdick WA, Peter Cesco VP, Mandy Temple President, Chris Thorpe EMO, Jenny Thompson Qld, Ian Grant Vic, Beryl Hartley NSW, Peter Sachs SA, Terry Cubley EO, Chris Stephens NSW, Ian Downes NT, Nick Mather Junior.

On 29-30 April 2017, GFA President MandyTemple, Executive Officer Terry Cubley, GFA Marketing and Development Chair Ian Caldwell and a group of volunteers met in Melbourne with representatives from Sports Community. As a company devoted to assisting community-based sports clubs to succeed by empowering club volunteers, Sports Community has been contracted to help halt membership decline, improve membership pathways and increase retention.

The meeting was very productive and all participants left feeling optimistic that the clubs can turn the situation around and secure the future of gliding for coming generations. The new strategy the group worked out will be launched at the GFA AGM in August with a working title of Soaring into the Future.

The Saturday was spent reviewing member pathways and on Sunday the team worked on ways to make the process easier for clubs and reduce the burden on volunteers. The message to take home was that unless we change, gliding is likely to be unsustainable into the future.

Sports Community provided the meeting participants with research information and successful experiences of many other similar sports facing the same issue, giving them confidence that future grant applications to support the new initiative can meet with success. Ian Caldwell, GFA Marketing and Development Chair, is the point of contact for this exciting initiative.