Declaring and claiming Badges, Distance flights and Records

All Badge and GFA Distance Claims MUST now be made online.  You access this form through your MyGFA menu.  Paper claims can no longer be accepted, and the paper forms are no longer available.  You will be asked for payment when you complete the online form, and you will be able to upload your IGC files as part of the process.

If your declaration is made in your Flight Recorder, you do not need to make a separate declaration.  This is the preferred process.  If you do need to make a separate Declaration, please use the form at the following link:

FAI Badge Declaration


FAI Claim Requirements

Records Overview Costs and Initial Claim Information

NEW - Electronic Forms for Badge Declarations and Initial Record Claims

Initial Claim Form for Records

Badge Flight Declaration Form

Badge questions and Claims should be sent to Beryl Hartley at 



Post Claim to 

FAI Certificates Officer
C/- Beryl Hartley
PO Box 275Narromine  NSW 2821

 Mobile: 0407 459 581 
 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Record questions and Claims should be directed to Jenny Thompson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

List of Approved IGC Loggers

click here to download a list of IGC approved loggers (updated 11/13)

FAI Forms and Applications

are here They are located in the FAI folder of Sports Docs

If you wish to make an external declaration for a badge flight - that is, a declaration separate from one in a data logger or flight recorder, please use the Badge Flight Declaration Form.

FAI Record Claim Forms

are here

Click on Records and select A for Gain of Height, B for Distance and C for Speed.


Australian Records This page lists records flown by Australian pilots in Australia and overseas

Feminine Records

Continental Records select Record Zone Oceanian 

Minimum Claims for Continetal Records are here