Tim & Joy Shirley Trophy

National Standard Class League II

Tim & Joy Shirley Trophy

Prior to the 1994/5 season FAI Nationals there was no trophy available for the winner of STANDARD CLASS LEAGUE 2. In 1994 Tim & Joy Shirley, who for several years had acted as scorers at the FAI Nationals, recognised the need for a suitable trophy and kindly donated this one which depicts a stylised sailplane of polished aluminium climbing on a spiral “thermal” from a burnt landscape towards a cumulus cloud against a blue glass background.

There were various ways of classifying “League 2” prior to 1993; but in that year a new formula, which takes into account both the handicap of the aircraft and the previous history of the pilot, was introduced. It cannot now be won by a pilot who holds a place in the “Australian Squad”.

In 1993 the new formula resulted in a win for Tom Claffey; but the new trophy had not then been donated.

Tom Claffey won again in the 1994/5 season (the 33rd FAI Nationals at Dalby, Queensland), and thereby became the first winner of the trophy.

After Matt Anglim's win at Narromine in 2001/2 League 2 was discontinued. The trophy was not contested again and in 2005 the original donors, Tim & Joy Shirley (Formally years scorers at various Nationals) decided to recommend that the dedication be changed. They slected 'The highest place female pilot' in the Club Class as a more appropriate use. This was approved by the Sports Department and the change took effect starting with the 25th Club and Sports Class Nationals at Benalla in January 2006.

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1994/5 Tom Claffey NSW Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Miles Gore-Brown NSW Gawler 34th
1996/7 Graham Parker SA Horsham 35th
1997/8 Gary Speight Qld Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Ron Sanders NSW Narromine 37th
1999/2000 Derek Westwood UK Benalla 38th
2000/1 Bruce Campbell Vic Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Matt Anglim Qld Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Not contested   Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 No contest (change to performance basis) NSW Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 No Contest (trophy with T.O.)   Dalby 43rd
  Highest placed female club class      
2005/6 Lisa Trotter QLD Benalla 25th
2006/7 Swaantje Geyer Germany Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Lisa Trotter  Qld  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Lisa Turner  Qld  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Lisa Trotter  Qld  Lake Keepit  29th
 2011  Lisa Trotter  Qld  Benalla  30th

The Commonwealth Banking Corporation Club Class

Second Place Trophy

Commonwealth Banking Corporation Trophy

(Club Class Nationals, formerly Sports & 2-Seater Class)
The Commonwealth Banking Corporation Club Class Second Place Trophy is awarded at the Club Class Championships each year to the Runner-up to the Club Class Champion.

It was donated in 1988 by The Corowa Branch of the bank, the occasion being the Sports & Two-Seater Class Nationals being held at Corowa in January of that year.

Season Pilot Glider State Venue  Nationals
1987/8 P.Buskens DG100   Corowa 7th S & 2-S
1988/9 W.Tugnett Libelle H301   Corowa 8th
1989/90 P.Buskens DG100   Mildura 9th
1990/1 W.Tugnett Libelle H301   Mildura 10th
1991/2 M.Bland Libelle H301   Leeton 11th
1992/3 N.Vagg Std Cirrus   Leeton 12th
1993/4 P.Hearne Libelle H201B   Corowa 13th
1994/5 T.Gilbert Libelle H201B  NSW Corowa 14th
1995/6 H. Dunn ASW 19 SA Renmark 15th
1996/7 T. Gilbert Libelle H201B NSW Renamrk 16th
1997/8 T. Gilbert Libelle H201B NSW Temora 17th
1998/9 T. Cubley   Vic Temora 18th
1999/2000 B. Taylor Hornet NSW Gawler 19th
2000/01 B.Taylor Hornet NSW Benalla 20th
2001/02 H Kauffmann ASW 20B Qld Temora 21st
2002/3 Tom Gilbert Libelle H201B NSW Temora 22nd
2003/4 Tobi Geiger LS1D Vic Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Peter Temple  DG200 SA Waikerie 24th
 2005/6  Bruce Taylor  Hornet  NSW  Benalla  25th
 2006/7  Jim Crowhurst  ASW19  Qld  Benalla  26th
 2007/8  Phil Ritchie  LS4  SA  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Phil Ritchie  LS4  SA  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Paul Mander  Libelle  NSW  Lake Keepit  29th
 2010/11  Tobi Geiger  LS4  Vic  Benalla  30th

National Club Class Championship Trophy

Club Class Championship

 The National Club Class Championship Trophy is awarded at the Club Class National Championships each year to the winning pilot in the Club Class. (This was previously known as the Sports & Two-Seater Class, until 1997)

It was donated in1982 by Wollongong Gliding Club, their donation being subsidised by the Gliding Federation of Australia.

The trophy was designed and made by Herbert Schade, of Oyster Bay, NSW.

Season Pilot Glider Type State Venue S & 2S
1981/2 Miles Gore-Brown Pilatus B4 NSW Leeton 1st
1982/3 John Mills Ka6 SA Leeton 2nd
1983/4 N Fisher H205 Club Libelle NSW Ararat 3rd
1984/5 A. Campbell Ka6 Vic Ararat 4th
1985/6 H. Kruger Open Libelle NSW Leeton 5th
1986/7 Paul Mathews LS4A NSW Leeton 6th
1987/8 Tom Gilbert H201B Std Libelle NSW Corowa 7th
1988/9 Peter Buskens DG100 Vic Corowa 8th
1989/90 Tom Gilbert H201B Std Libelle NSW Mildura 9th
1990/1 N.Fisher H205 Club Libelle NSW Mildura 10th
1991/2 Geoff Raymond Open Libelle NSW Leeton 11th
1992/3 Haidyn Dunn Hornet SA Leeton 12th
1993/4 Tom Gilbert H201 Std Libelle NSW Corowa 13th
1994/5 Haidyn Dunn ASW 19B Vic Corowa 14th
1995/6 Graham Parker ASW 24 SA Renmark 15th
1996/7 Haidyn Dunn    ASW 19B Vic Renmark 16th
1997/8 Lars Zehnder Kestrel 17 NSW Temora 17th
In 1998 the name was changed to Club & Sports Class, but the numbering was retained
1998/9 Bruce Taylor Hornet  NSW Temora 18th
99/2000 Tom Gilbert H201B Std Libelle NSW Gawler 19th
2000/1 Peter Temple DG200 SA Benalla 20th
2001/2 Bruce Taylor ASW 22 NSW Temora 21st
2002/3 Terry Cubley   Vic Temora 22nd
2003/4 Phil Ritchie DG 200 WUZ SA Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Bruce Taylor   NSW Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Tom Gilbert H201bStd Libelle NSW Benalla 25th
2006/7 Phil Ritchie LS4 SA Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Bruce Taylor
   NSW  Kingaroy 27th 
 2008/9  Allan Barnes
 LS1F  Qld  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Peter Trotter
 ASW20  Qld  Lake Keepit

The Roger A. Woods 18m Trophy

Roger A Woods 18m Trophy

The ROGER A. WOODS 18 METRE CLASS NATIONAL CHAMPION TROPHY is one of two trophies introduced in 2001 to commemorate the tremendous contribution which the late Roger Alastair Woods, M.B.E. made to the Gliding Federation of Australia over many years. His tireless work in the International Gliding Commission to promote a World Championship in Australia led to the inaugural World Club Class Gliding Championships being held at Gawler in January 2001.

Roger, GFA President from 1980 to 1983. passed away at the age of 64 after a battle with cancer. This fine trophy was created by Herbert Schade and donated by Harry & Wendy Medlicott and Brenda Woods. It is a gold plated scale model LS-7 sailplane against a background a circle of isobars in the manner familiar to all as the GFA logo, mounted upon a bronze pyramid and all surmounting a polished hardwood plinth

The trophy was presented for the first time at the 39th FAI Class National Championships held in February 2001 at Gulgong, NSW, It was won on that occasion by Dr Graham Parker of Adelaide, S.A.

2000/2001 Graham Parker NSW Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Tracey Tabart Vic Narromine 40Multi-Class
2002/3 Bob Ward Qld Narromine 41stMulti-Class
2003/4 No contest (change to performance basis) NSW Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 Tomas Gostner Italy Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Not contested   Gawler 44th
2006/7 John Buchanan (Grae Harrison NZ was 1st QLD Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  David Jansen  Qld  Temora  46th
 2008/9  Graham Parker  SA  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  Bruce Taylor  NSW  Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  David Jansen  Qld  Dalby  49th

The Masters Trophy

Masters Trophy


From 1975 until 1990 this was known as “The Codgers’ Trophy” The trophy’s origin is not recorded. It was, and still is, an unofficial ‘fun trophy’.

It was awarded to the most successful pilot over 50 years of age. The tradition was for the winner to buy a bottle of champagne and to share it with those of his fellow pilots at the Nationals who admitted to being over 50 years of age.

A pilot who won it three years in succession would be allowed to keep it. This eventually happened in 1990 and Maurie Bradney became the owner. In 1991 Maurie Bradney donated it back, to be called “The Masters’ Trophy”for the most successful pilot over 60 years of age.

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1974/5 Peter Nicholls SA Narromine 14th
1975/6 Peter Nicholls SA Tocumwal 15th
1976/7 Bob Thomas SA Renmark 16th
1977/8 Geoff Horwood SA Narromine 17th
1981/2 Denis McCaffrey Qld Narromine 21st
1982/3 Wally Mills Qld Jondaryan 22nd
1983/4 Bill Anderson Vic Benalla 23rd
1985/6 Maurie Bradney SA Gawler 25th
1987/8 Maurie Bradney SA Forbes 26th
1988/9 Maurie Bradney SA Waikerie 27th
1989/90 Maurie Bradney SA Benalla 28th
In 1991 Maurie Bradney, having won it outright, donated it back, to be called “The Masters’ Trophy”for the most successful pilot over 60 years of age.
1990/1 Heinz Feuersanger NSW Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 Harry Medlicott NSW Gawler 30th
1992/3 Heinz Feuersanger NSW Narromine 31st
1993/4 Ron Brecknell NSW Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 Gary Speight Qld Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Maurie Bradney SA Gawler 34th
1996/7 Bevan Lane Qld Horsham 35th
1997/8 Gary Speight Qld Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Peter Griffiths Qld Narromine 37th
99/2000 Ian Barraclough NSW Benalla 38th
2000/1 Ingo Renner Vic Gulgong 39th
2001/2 Ingo Renner Vic Narromine 40th
2002/3 Bob Ward Qld Narromine 41st Multi
2003/4 Tony Tabart Vic Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 Bob Ward Qld Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Shinzo Takizawa NSW Gawler 44th
2006/7 John Buchanan QLD Kingaroy 45th

The W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy

"Australia Vs New Zealand"

Tasman Trophy 


Bill Iggulden senior was also a pioneer glider pilot in the very early days of gliding in Australia. Well known as ‘Pop’ Iggulden, he was born in New Zealand and came to Australia as a young man and set up a successful engineering business in Melbourne. When Bill died in 1966 the family commissioned Andor Meszaros to sculpture a work of art to be given to GFA and the NZGA for international competition.

The W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy was presented by the Iggulden family in 1966 for competition between Australian and New Zealand pilots at World Championships. In 1978 the two countries agreed to compete in alternating countries during the respective National Championships. The object was to create an incentive for pilots other than those already of international status to fly for their country.


The GFA and GNZ support the Tasman Trophy contest because they see the value in developing competition experience at an international level  for “up and coming” contest pilots in the dramatically different soaring environments offered by their respective countries.

While a competitive spirit is desirable the organizations do not consider the contest a clash between gliding nations but an opportunity for developing the contest experience of racing pilots from each country. To this end the host nation will always ensure that the visiting pilot is matched fairly with equipment and well briefed to compete in the new environment. Both organizations acknowledge that it can be expensive for the visiting pilot to visit and compete and therefore undertake to reduce or subsidize costs where possible.

The Trophy is contested at each country’s National Championships and scored in the same manner as other pilots. The representative pilot with the highest points wins the Trophy for his country. This Trophy, which belongs to both the GFA and GNZ jointly, is exempted from the rule that GFA trophies must stay in Australia, so it regularly travels between the two nations.


  1. The contest will take place at national championships as agreed by both the GNZ Sailplane Racing Committee and GFA Sports Committee, but generally will occur annually two years in one country and then two years in the other to allow Australian pilots to compete at both North Island and South Island soaring sites.
  2. The representative pilots will compete in the same competition class.
  3. The representative pilots must not have previously competed at a World Championships.
  4. Representative pilots may only compete for the Tasman Trophy once in each country.
  5. The host nation will supply a competitive glider to the visiting pilot at no charge to the visitor. Where possible the competitors will compete in identical gliders.
  6. The host nation will waive the requirement for the payment of Entry Fees by the visiting pilot.
  7. The appropriate formalities required of visiting pilots and Entry Forms for the event to be forwarded to and completed by the visiting pilot.
  8. Any affiliation fees for the visiting pilot will be waived.
  9. In the event of a claim, insurance excess on rented or borrowed gliders will be the responsibility of the visiting pilot but the amount the amount should be clearly agreed in advance between the glider owner and the visiting pilot.

As agreed between the Sports Committees of Australian and New Zealand February 2011.

Season Venue Australia New Zealand Winner
1966/7 Narromine ??????? P.Heginbotham Aust
1970 Marfa, USA Team Team NZ
1972 Vsrac, Yugoslavia Team Team NZ
1976 RayskalaFinland Team Team Team NZ
1978 Chateauroux, France Team Team NZ
1979/80 Benalla K.Deakin M.Stevens Aust
1980/1 NZ K.Deakin    V.M.Rix      NZ
1981/2 Narromine Peter Curtis V.P.Lyons  Aust
1982/3 NZ Bob.Ward M.Stevens NZ
1983/4 Benalla Noel.Dammeral  P.Larsen     Aust
1984/5 NZ Charles Day Grae Harrison NZ
1985/6 Gawler Scott Percival    Grae Harrison Aust
1986/7 Benalla Worlds T Cubley: S. O’Donnell: I Renner R.Lynskey L.Stephens M.Stevens Aust Team
1987/8 NZ D.Jansen J.Dickson NZ
1988/9 Waikerie R.Gaissmeier A.Van Dyk Aust
1989/90 NZ I.Newman G.Taylor NZ
1990/1 Tocumwal B.Taylor N.McPhee NZ
1991/2 NZ J.Dennis M.Oakley NZ
1992/3 Narromine B.Potter T.Terry Aust
1993/4 NZ T.West R.Fisher NZ
1994/5 Dalby G.Parker B.O’Brien Aust
1995/6 Not Contested      
1996/7 Matamata Jonathon Shand Gavin Wills Aust
1997/8 Kingaroy Tracey Tabart David Speight Aust
1998/9 Narromine Andrew Ward Kirk Davis Aust
99/2000 Matamata Tom Claffey Richard Downer Aust
2000/1 Gulgong Matt Anglim Richard Downer NZ
2001/2 Narromine Andrew Georgeson Vaughan Ruddick Aust.
2002/3 Omarama Cathy Conway Laurie Kirkham NZ
2003/4 Matamata Mitchell Turner Stewart Cameron NZ
2004/5 Waikerie David Wilson Steve Wallace Aust
2005/6 Gawler David Conway Terry Jones Aust
2006/7 Omarama Kerrie Claffey Nigel Davey Australia
 2008/9  Kingaroy  Jo Davis Brett Hunter   Australia
 2009/10 Waikerie       John Nicholls  Chris Richards  Australia
 2011/12  Matamata  Brian Hayhow  Tim Bromhead  NZ

 The Edmund Schneider Trophy

"Best in Non-competitive Aircraft"

Edmund Schneider Trophy

This trophy commemorates the great contribution to the gliding movement in Australia by Edmund Schneider who for some years was Australia’s largest manufacturer of aircraft, even though he only made gliders. His designs set GFA’s many clubs on the way to modernising their fleets. In fact some of the designs won the Australian titles.

Andor Meszaros designed this work of art which depicts an emu with outstretched wings. At the time this was most appropriate, being a non-flying bird, as it was awarded to the pilot considered the ‘Best Battler’ at the Nationals due to flying a low performance, non-competitive, glider.

With the passing of time needs changed, and after being used as an award “when required” the GFA Sports Committee re-allocated it in 1978 to be awarded to the winner of the 15 Metre Class at the Nationals.

In 1992 a magnificent new 15 Metre Class Trophy was donated anonymously, and the Edmund Schneider Trophy reverted to its original use, being awarded for the best performance by a pilot flying a sailplane deemed to be ‘non-competitive’.

In 2007 Sports Committee decided that the trophy should no longer be awarded as there were very few non-competitive gliders entering.

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1964/5 F. Smith   Benalla 5th FAI
1965/6 G. Dunn SA Waikerie 6th
1966/7 G. Detto NSW Narromine 7th
1967/8 F.Gascoigne Vic Benalla 8th
1968/9 M.Gill SA Renmark 9th
1969/70 G.Bleuel NSW Narromine 10th
1970/1 C.Salisbury NSW Benalla 11th
1971/2 Not Awarded   Waikerie 12th
1972/3 G.Sunderland Vic Waikerie 13th
1973/4 Not Awarded, World Comps in Australia
1974/5 S.Gazechi & R.Pincus NSW Narromine 14th
1975/6 I.Renner NSW Tocumwal 15th
1976/7 I.Renner NSW Renmark 16th
1977/8 M.Bradney SA Narromine 17th
1978/9 M.Bradney SA Cunderdin 18th
1979/80 M.Bradney SA Benalla 19th
1980/1 M.Borgelt SA Waikerie 20th
1981/2 B.Brockhoff Vic Narromine 21st
1982/3 M.Jinks SA Jondaryan 22nd
1983/4 J.Rowe NSW Benalla 23rd
1984/5 A.Pybus NSW Leeton 24th
  (1st place G.Schuitt, Holland)      
1985/6 S. O,Donnell NSW Gawler 25th
  (1st place K.Musters, Holland)      
1986/7 Not Awarded, World Comps in Australia      
1987/8 B.Edwards NSW Forbes 26th
1988/9 B.Brockhoff Vic Waikerie 27th
1989/90 B.Brockhoff Vic Benalla 28th
1990/1 D.Jansen NSW Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 Bruce Tuncks SA Gawler 30th
1992/3 Ron Brecknell NSW Narromine 31st
1993/4 Ron Brecknell NSW Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 Malcolm Keys Qld Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Bruce Tuncks SA Gawler 34th
1996/7 ‘Gabby’ Hayes SA Horsham 35th
1997/8 Andrew Georgeson Qld Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Hank Kauffman Qld Narromine 37th
99/2000 Noel Vagg Vic Benalla 38th
2000/1 Garry Stephenson Vic Gulgong 39th
2001/2 Kerrie Claffey NSW Narromine 40th
2002/3 Not Awarded   Narromine 41st Mult.
2003/4 No contest (change to performance basis) NSW Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 Peter Bell NSW Dalby 43rd
2005/6 David Jansen QLD Gawler 44th
2006/7 Don Woodward WA Kingaroy 45th
 2007/08  Scott Lennon  NSW  Temora 46th

Sir Donald Anderson Award


Sir Donald Anderson Award

Sir Donald Anderson, whilst Director-General of the Department of Civil Aviation and then as Chairman of QANTAS Airways Ltd, supported and encouraged the Gliding Federation of Australia in the development and control of the sport of gliding.

Prior to his decease in December 1975 he presented an annual trophy to the pilot who showed outstanding ability in flying and safety whilst flying in his/her first or second National Gliding Championships In 1976 Michael Meszaros, son of Andor Meszaros, was commissioned by GFA to design the present perpetual trophy. The trophy was prepared in its present form during 1977.

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1976/7 G.Hart Qld Renmark 16th FAI
1977/8 H.Crossan NSW Narromine 17th
1978/9 K.Deakin SA Cunderdin 18th
1979/80 John Goodley Vic. Benalla 19th
1980/1 Shane McCaffrey Qld Waikerie 20th
1981/2 Andy Pybus NSW Narromine 21st
1982/3 Colin Crittenden SA Jondaryan 22nd
1983/4 Steve O’Donnell SA Benalla 23rd
1984/5 Not awarded   Leeton 24th
1985/6 John Holland SA Gawler 25th
1986/7 Not awarded – World Comps in Australia
1987/8 ScottPercival SA Forbes 26th
1988/9 Rudi Gaissmaier SA Waikerie 27th
1989/90 GaryPearce Vic Benalla 28th
1990/1 Gary Brasher Vic Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 Hank Kauffman NSW Gawler 30th
1992/3 Graham Parker SA Narromine 31st
1993/4 Brett Potter SA Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 Tom Claffey NSW Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Mark Rowe NSW Gawler 34th
1996/7 Matthew Ryan SA Horsham 35th
1997/8 Lisa Trotter Vic Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Peter Buskens NSW Narromine 37th
99/2000 Kerrie Claffey NSW Benalla 38th
2000/1 Bruce Campbell Vic Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Luke Dodd Qld Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Goe Teramoto NSW Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 Lisa Turner Qld Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 David McManus NSW Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Paul Clift SA Gawler 44th
2006/7 David Conway SA Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  Jenny Thompson  Qld  Temora  46th
 2008/9  Kris Kauffmann  Qld  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  Craig Vinall  SA  Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  Chad Nowak  Qld  Dalby  49th

 The GFA Shield

GFA Teams Shield - FAI Nationals

State Teams Trophy FAI Nationals

The original GFA Shield, a large silver platter, was given to the GFA by the Adelaide Soaring Club in 1961. It was awarded at the FAI Nationals to the State Nominated Team gaining the most points. In those days up to three pilots shared the one glider, thus the need for a Team Trophy

Ironically, the first year of the award was the last completely winch launched Nationals.

From 1987 the Nationals featured one glider / one pilot, and the trophy was then awarded to the State Nominated Team of three pilots gaining the most points in Standard Class.

In 1990 the GFA Shield became a Teams Trophy (with no distinction between classes ) once again, and was then awarded to the State Nominated Team gaining the most points at the FAI Nationals. In October 1994, whilst in the custody of the New South Wales Team and housed at the Lake Keepit Soaring Club, the Shield was destroyed by fire when the club’s clubhouse and hangar were completely gutted in a fire started by an arsonist.

In November 1994 the GFA Executive, meeting in Adelaide on the occasion of Adelaide Soaring Club’s 50th Jubilee , voted to have a new Teams Trophy commissioned which would incorporate all of the past history of the Shield. The new GFA Shield was designed by the Trophies Officer, Fred Foord of ASC, and was made by McAvaney & Co. of Adelaide, who had made of the original shield in 1961.

From the 48th Nationals, the Shield is awarded to the State whose three highest placed pilots achieve the highest aggregate.  Teams are not chosen in advance.

Season Team Pilots Venue Nationals
1960/1 SA S.Cox   R.Rowe  D.Schultz Gawler 3rd FAI
1962/3 SA C.Churches  T.McDonnell Narromine 4th
1964/5 SA S.Cox  M.Jinks  R.Rowe Benalla 5th
1965/6 SA M.Jinks  R.Martin  R.Rowe Waikerie 6th
1966/7 SA M.Jinks  P.Rohrlack  R.Rowe Narromine 7th
1967/8 SA M.Jinks  R.Martin Benalla 8th
1968/9 SA J.Rowe  R.Rowe Renmark 9th
1969/70 SA R.Martin  D..Pietsch Narromine 10th
1970/1 NSW C.Colton  J.Blackwell Benalla 11th
1971/2 Qld J.Moore  I.Renner Waikerie 12th
1972/3 SA J.Grosser  K.Willis Waikerie 13th
1973/4 No contest ( World Comps in Australia )
1974/5 Qld I.Aspland  N.Maxwell Narromine 14th
1975/6 Vic W.Johnson  F.Roddy Tocumwal 15th
1976/7   not awarded Renmark 16th
1977/8   not awarded Narromine 17th
1978/9 WA A.Gartland  P.Kayne  T.Stayt Cunderdin 18th
1979/80 Vic T.Cubley  F.Erdmann  J.Goodley Benalla 19th
1980/1 NSW H.Crossan  P.Matthews  J.Rowe Waikerie                20th
1981/2 SA M.Jinks  D.Jones  R.Martin Narromine 21st
1982/3 SA C.Crittenden  W.Mudge  B.Woodcock Cunderdin 22nd
1983/4 NSW J.Bannertyne  P.Matthews  A.Pybus Benalla 23rd
1984/5 Vic J.Coutts   T.Cubley  I.Renner Leeton 24th
1985/6 Vic T.Cubley  B.Brockhoff  I.Renner Gawler 25th
1986/7 No contest ( World Comps in Australia)
1987/8 Vic Std J.Coutts  .Cubley Forbes 26th
1988/9 Vic T.Cubley  I.Renner Waikerie 27th
1990  Changed to ‘State Teams Trophy’ irrespective of Class,
1989/90 Vic Std T.Cubley  B.Brockhoff  I.Renner Benalla 28th
1990/1 Vic B.Brockhoff  M.Giles  I.Renner Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 NSW B.Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Mander Gawler 30th
1992/3 NSW B.Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Matthews Narromine 31st
1993/4 NSW “B” .Edwards  D.Jansen  P.Matthews Lake Keepit 32nd
1994 Original shield destroyed by fire, replaced by new Shield
1994/5 NSW Std B.Edwards  P.Mander  B.Taylor Dalby 33rd
1995/6 NSW 15m N.Bloch, A.Hartley, P.Matthews Gawler 34th
1996/7 NSW 15m N.Bloch, B.Edwards,P.Matthews Horsham 35th
1997/8 Qld ‘A’ J.Buchanan, T.Claffey, H.Kauffman Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Vic. ‘B’ Mike Giles, Ingo Renner, Andrew Ward Narromine 37th
99/2000 Qld ‘A’ John Buchanan, Hank Kauffman, P.Griffiths/L.Zehnder Benalla 38th
2000/1 NSW ‘B’ Dion Weston, Miles Gore-Brown, Shinzo Takizawa Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Qld ‘A’ J Buchanan, Gerrit Kurstjens, Pam Kurstjens Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Q’ld T.Claffey, Bob Ward Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 NSW ‘A’ Paul Matthews, Shinzo Takizawa, Dion Weston Gulgong 42st
2004/5 NSW Paul Matthews, Bruce Taylor, Dion Weston Dalby 43rd
2005/6 SA Terry Cubley, Graham Parker, Peter Temple Gawler 44th
2006/7 SA Terry Cubley, Graham Parker, Phil Ritchie Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  Qld  David Jansen, Peter Trotter, Miles Gore-Brown  Temora  46th
 2008/9  SA Graham Parker, Peter Temple, John Nicholls  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  Qld Peter Trotter, Lisa Trotter, John Buchanan
 Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  Qld  Miles Gore-Brown, John Buchanan, David Jansen  Dalby  49th

The Australian Soaring Grand Prix Winner Trophy

Austraglide trophy (Grand Prix winner)(Formally Austraglide Trophy)

In 2006 the GFA Annual Board meeting (held in Brisbane that year) approved the re-dedication of the former Australglide Trophy in order to provide a worthy trophy for the new AUSTRALIAN SOARING GRAND PRIX programmed to be held at Gawler in January 2007. The plaques were reorganised accordingly.

The AUSTRAGLIDE TROPHY was first awarded in 1984 at Benalla. It was donated by GFA in 1983 after it had been decided to develop a regular international gliding contest every two or three years as a precursor to the forthcoming 1987 World Gliding Championships. There was no set interval in mind between contest dates.

The first such competition was conducted in 1984 and was attended by fifteen international pilots including the three reigning world champions. The object was to open Australia’s superb gliding conditions to many more overseas pilots. Further, it was considered a plus to have GFA pilots learn new tactics and develop their abilities when matched against overseas pilots.

The Austraglide Trophy is a perpetual trophy and under GFA policy cannot be taken out of Australia. However, in the event of an overseas pilot being the winner, a bas relief bronze plaque125mm x 175mm is available (to order) as a keepsake and can be forwarded to the winner at his/her cost, and retained.

The designer and constructor, Herbert Schade, has produced a trophy of extremely high standard.

After two international events, in 1984 & 1986, the trophy fell into disuse. In 1995 the need became apparent for an Open Class League 2 Trophy and it was decided to rededicate the Austraglide Trophy for this purpose, starting with the 1995 FAI Nationals at Gawler, S.A.

Season Pilot State Class Sailplane
1983/4 John Rowe NSW 15m Class ASW20
1985/6 Ingo Renner NSW Open Class Nimbus 3
Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1994/5 John Dennis SA Dalby 33rd FAI
1995/6 John Dennis SA Gawler 34th
1996/7 Bob Irvine   (posthumous, killed on day 9) SA Horsham 35th
1997/8 Harry Medlicott NSW Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Bob Ward Qld Narromine 37th
1999/2000 Tracey Tabart Vic Benalla 38th
2000/2001 Pam Kurstjens UK Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Not Awarded (Insufficient entries)   Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Not Contested   Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 No contest (change to performance basis) NSW Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 No contest (trophy with T.O)   Dalby 43rd
  Grand Prix winner      
2006/7 Bruce Taylor NSW Gawler LS8

The Dr. Mervyn Hall Trophy

National Open Class Champion

Dr. Mervyn Hall was one of the founders of GFA in 1949. He represented Queensland as a Councillor from 1949 to 1955.
This Trophy was designed by Andor Meszaros in 1960 and now this work of art is of inestimable value


The trophy was first awarded to the Nationals Clampion but with the emergence of different classes of gliders it was decided to make it available to the Open Class Champion.  

Season Pilot State Venue Nationals
1956/7 Doug Reid Vic Tocumwal 1st FAI
1958/59 Jack Iggulden Vic Benalla 2nd
1960/1 BobRowe SA Gawler 3rd
1962/3 Mervyn.Waghorn NSW Narromine 4th
1964/5 Malcolm Jinks SA Benalla 5th
1965/6 Malcolm Jinks SA Waikerie 6th
1966/7 Malcolm Jinks SA Narromine 7th
1967/8 John Rowe SA Benalla 8th
1968/9 John Rowe SA Renmark 9th
1969/70 Malcolm Jinks SA Narromine 10th
1970/71 Malcolm Jinks SA Benalla 11th
1971/2 Ingo Renner Qld Waikerie 12th
1972/3 Ingo Renner Qld Waikerie 13th
1973/4:  No contest ( World Comps in Australia )
1974/5 Malcolm Jinks SA Narromine 14th
1975/6 Malcolm Jinks SA Tocumwal 15th
1976/7 Malcolm Jinks SA Renmark 16th
1977/8 Malcolm Jinks SA Narromine 17th
1978/9 Malcolm Jinks SA Cunderdin 18th
1979/80 Ingo Renner SA Benalla 19th
1980/1 M.Jinks  & A.Tabart SA &Vic Waikerie 20th
1981/2 Ingo Renner NSW Narromine 21st
1982/3 Ingo Renner NSW Jondaryan 22nd
1983/4 Ingo Renner NSW Benalla 23rd
1984/5 TonyTabart Vic Leeton 24th
1985/6 John Holland SA Gawler 25th
1986/7:  No contest ( World Comps in Australia )
1987/8 J.Holland SA Forbes 26th
1988/9 John Buchanan Qld Waikerie 27th
1989/90 John Buchanan Qld Benalla 28th
1990/1 John Buchanan Qld Tocumwal 29th
1991/2 Ingo Renner NSW Gawler 30th
1992/3 Michael Giles Vic Narromine 31st
1993/4 Paul Mander NSW Lake Keepit 32nd
1994/5 Paul Mander NSW Dalby 33rd
1995/6 Ian Shadbolt Vic Gawler 34th
1996/7 Paul Mander NSW Horsham 35th
1997/8 Brad Edwards NSW Kingaroy 36th
1998/9 Brad Edwards NSW Narromine 37th
1999/2000 Peter Griffiths,Lars Zehnder Qld Benalla 38th
2000/1 John Buchanan Qld Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 John Buchanan Qld Narromine 40th Multi-Class
2002/3 Not Contested   Narromine 41st Multi-Class
2003/4 Tony Tabart    (Open Performance Champion) NSW Gulgong 42nd Multi-Class
2004/5 Bruce Taylor NSW Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Tracey Tabart VIC Gawler 44th
2006/7 Paul Mander NSW Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  Gerrit Kurstjens  Qld  Temora  46th
 2008/9  Paul Mander  NSW  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  David Jansen  Qld  Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  John Buchanan  Qld  Dalby  49th