The Maurie Bradney Junior Champion Trophy

Maurie Bradney Junior Champion Trophy

The Australian National Junior Championship
was inaugurated in 2004.

A group of enthusiastic young pilots in Queensland and elsewhere were instrumental in establishing this new category of Championships, seeking and obtaining GFA approval. The first such Championship was held at temora, NSW from 5th to 11th December 2004. It was a successful venture and augurs well for the future.

A new GFA Trophy (1 of 2) was crafted by Mark and Marchiko Stanley of Waikerie Gliding Club and donated by Ann Woolf, in memory of Maurie Bradney, GFA Honorary Life Member, CFI and Manager of Waikerie Gliding Club for much of the last three decades of the 20th century and National coach until just before he died, in August 2002, from Motor Neurone Disease.

The first Junior Champion was Adam Woolley of Queensland.

[A similarly styled Maurie Bradney Trophy, for the best placing within the first 15 places was also donated by Ann Woolf, for contest at the Club Class Nationals each year.]

2004/5 Adam Woolley Qld Temora 1st
2005/6 David McManus Qld Leeton 2nd
2006/7 James Dutschke  - Astir 77CS SA Leeton 3rd