The Junior Trans-Tasman trophy

Australia versus New Zealand

The Junior Trans Tasman TrophyThis trophy comprises a simple plate glass frameless panel with an irregular five sided top standing vertically on a polished hardwood rectangular plinth with rounded ends.

At the top the glass is abraded with an outline map of Australia and New Zealand, the words ‘The Junior Trans-Tasman Trophy’ across the map, a sailplane above and ‘Donated by the GFA’ beneath. The lower part has dividing lines, one horizontal about half way down the panel, and one vertical division below. It appears that the names are to be engraved directly on to the glass in the two columns so formed

The trophy is for contest between a pre-nominated pilot from each country during the Junior Nationals. Possibly alternating year venues are intended as in the case of the W.A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy (not a hard and fast rule)

Winning Pilot vs opponent
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange vs Dane Dickinson Australia Leeton 2
2006/7 Colin Stauss vs Luke Tiller Australia Leeton 3