The Bernard Eckey award

Outright second place pilotBernard Eckey Award

This Trophy, comprises a flat black plaque with a clear plastic overlay engraved with a picture of Bernard Eckey’s own ASH 25 in flight against a cloud backdrop, a ‘JoeyGlide’ logo and the words ‘The Bernard Eckey Award’

Beneath the engraved sailplane is the inscription
‘For the Outright Second Placed Pilot
at the Australian Junior Gliding Championships’
To the left and right are a total of 16 plates for engraving with the names of the winners

The trophy was donated to the Australian Junior National organization by Sports Coach Bernard Eckey of the Balaklava Gliding Club, S.A. for contest at the 2005/6 Junior Nationals held at Leeton in December 2005

Glider type
2005/6 Heath L'Estrange Discus A VH-ZBK Qld Leeton 2
2006/7 Todd Sandercock LS3 SA Leeton 3