One-Off Trophies

At First World Club Class Championships
Gawler 2001

One-Off Trophies at First World Club Class Championships

Two special Trophies were awarded to the World Club Class Champion, and to the winner of the World Club Class Grand Prix held simultaneously.

The two Silver Plated cups were wond outright. They are not perpetual trophies.

The Photograph Shows the Grand Prix Cup Left and the World Champion Trophy right.
These were standard cups purchases by Evright Trophies of Sturt St. Adelaide.

A silver platter was presented to the winning team. This was a last minute purchase and was unfortunately not photographed

Winners were: Champion : PETER MASSON (ENGLAND)
Grand Prix Winner : JIM CARPENTER (CANADA)
Winning Team : ENGLAND
Peter Masson 1st Place
Richard Hood 2nd Place
Afandi Darlington 4th Place

In the Championship, FAI Medals were awarded to the first three placegetters,
Peter Masson - 1st Place - FAI Gold Medal
Richard Hood - 2nd Place - FAI Silver Medal
Tomas Suchanek 3rd Place (Czechoslovakia) - FAI Bronze Medal

FAI Diplomas were also presented to the first ten placegetters.