Beaurepaires Corowa Trophy

John S. Holst Memorial Trophy


The Beaurepaires Corowa Trohpy is awarded at the Club Class (formerly Sports and Two-Seater) National Championships each year to the HIGHEST PLACED NOVICE PILOT in the Sports Class.

It was donated in 1988 by the Beaurepaires company of Corowa on the occasion of the 7th Sports & 2-Seater Class Nationals being held in that town.

In 2001 there were no eligible ‘Novices’ and the trophy was not awarded. The following year it was missing but reported to be in dilapitated condition. In 2002 GFA Council authorised its replacement. A new, similar, trophy was made by Evright’s of Adelaide with all past history engraved on the back plate.

Season Pilot Glider Venue Nationals
1987/8 Christopher Lane Hornet       VH-GMZ Corowa 7th S & 2-Str
1988/9 Harold Walton  Jantar        VH-CQT Corowa 8th
1989/90 Mark Bland Libelle       VH-GUK Mildura 9th
1990/1 Phillip Hearne Std.Libelle VH-GBP Mildura 10th
1991/2 Mike Pobjoy Std Libelle VH-GBO    Leeton  11th
1992/3 Kerrie Plowman Std Libelle VH-GBN Leeton  12th
1993/4 Jonathon Shand Libelle H301b,  GXH Corowa 13th
1994/5 Jonathon Shand Libelle H301b,  GXH Corowa 14th
1995/6 Andrew Repton DG200 17m Renmark 15th
1996/7 Bruce Campbell   Renmark 16th
1997/8 Lars Zehnder Kestrel 17  VH-GXC Temora 17th
1998/9 Phillip Ritchie Glasflugel 304 VH GXB Temora 18th C & Sp
99/2000 Phillip Ritchie Hornet  Gawler 19th C& Sp
2000/1 Not awarded (no novices)   Benalla 20th
2001/02 Not awarded Trophy Missing   Temora 21st
2002/3 Jarek Mosiejewski   Temora 22nd
2003/4 Jarek Mosiejewski LS4a VH-UKA Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Don Woodward   Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Glenn McLean   Benalla 25th
2006/7 Matt Gage Cirrus Std VH-VKC Benalla 26th
 2007/8  Mike Codling
 Hornet  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Phil Southgate
   Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  Craig Collings
 ASW19  Lake Keepit