The National Club Class Teams Trophy

National Club Class Teams Trophy

[State Nominated Teams]
Prior to 1974 up to two or three pilots shared a Sports Class glider because of the shortage of gliders.

In 1969 the Renmark Gliding Club donated a silver tray to be awarded to the team or crew, in one glider, who accumulated the most points.In 1974 GFA decided that henceforth there would be only one pilot per glider, because the gliding fraternity had been able to purchase many gliders from the 1974 World Gliding Championships glider owners.

This award remained dormant until 1984 when GFA decided that, now that the National Sports and Two-Seater Championships were running efficiently, from 1985 the trophy would be awarded to the State whose three selected pilots gained the most points, in Sports Class. In 1998 this became known as Club Class, in line with an FAI decision.

Season Team Pilots State Venue S. & 2-S.
1969 Renmark Gliding Crew SA Renmark 9th
1971 B.R.Curry, J. Buchanan SA Benalla   11th
1973 R.Sutton,  J.Boatswain SA Waikerie 13th
At this stage the Sports Class was abandoned as a Nationals Class
1981/2 Dormant   Leeton 1st
1982/3 Dormant   Leeton 2nd
1983/4 Dormant   Ararat 3rd
In 1985, after the Sports & Two-Seater Nationals had been well established, the trophy was reintroduced.
1984/5 M.Forster, W.Lewis SA Ararat 4th
1985/6 N.Bloch, T.Gilbert, A.Kruger NSW Leeton 5th
1986/7 T.Gilbert, A.Kruger NSW Leeton 6th
1987/8 C.Crittenden, W.Lewis SA Corowa 7th
1988/9 P.Buskens, J.Hart Vic Corowa 8th
1989/90 Not awarded   Mildura  9th
1990/1 Not awarded   Mildura 10th
1991/2 M.Pobjoy,D.Pobjoy,M.Bland,A.Dickie    Aust Defence Force Vic. Leeton 11th
1992/3 T.Gilbert, W.Tugnett, C.Turner NSW Leeton 12th
1993/4 T.Gilbert, C.Turner NSW Corowa 13th
1994/5 H.Dunn, P.Hearne, N.Vagg Vic Corowa 14th
1995/6 H.Dunn, G.Parker, W.Kiely SA Renmark 15th
1996/7 G.Stevenson, B.Campbell, J.Shand Vic Renmark 16th
1997/8 T.Cubley, H.Dunn Vic Temora 17th
In 1988 the contest name was changed to ‘Club & Sports Class’
1998/9 T.Cubley, H.Dunn Vic Temora 18th
99/2000 B.Taylor; T.Gilbert; R.Sanders NSW ‘B’ Gawler 19th
2000/1 R.Beulter, T.Geiger, J.Shand Vic Team Benalla 20th
2001/02   T.Geiger; S.Lennon; T.Gilbert NSW Team Temora 21st
2002/3 T.Cubley, R.Buelter Vic-Geelong Temora 22nd
2003/4 T.Cubley, P.Buskens, Tracey Tabart, H. Wonderglen Vic ‘Rascals’ Waikerie 23rd
2004/5 Bruce Taylor, Lisa trotter, Peter Trotter T-Cubed Waikerie 24th
2005/6 Tom Gilbert, Scott Lennon Kilo Benalla 25th
2006/7 Phil Ritchie, Peter Temple, John Nicholls  SA Benalla 26th
 2007/8  John Buchanan, Ivan Teese, Lisa Trotter  Qld  Kingaroy  27th
 2008/9  Hank Kauffmann, Allan Barnes, Peter Trotter  Qld  Kingaroy  28th
 2009/10  David Jansen, Peter Trotter, Allan Barnes  Qld  Lake Keepit  29th