For many years the GFA has proudly awarded  pilots a variety of trophies for sporting achievements. Whilst it is fair to say that many are a result of competition some are for personal achievement and just as well deserved.

GFA and State Trophies

Listed here is the history of recipients with photos of each trophy.

For information regarding GFA Trophies contact the GFA Trophies Officer. 

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National Multiclass Championships

Dr Heydon Trophy

 Standard Class Champion

The Tim & Joy Shirley Trophy

 Best female pilot Club Class

 The 15 Metre Trophy

 15 Metre Class Champion 

The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trophy

 Sports Class Champion

The Dr. Mervyn Hall Trophy

 Open Class Champion

 The Austraglide Trophy

 Australian Soaring Grande Prix winner 

 The GFA Shield

 State Teams Trophy FAI Nationals  

 The Sir Donald Anderson Award

 Best Novice in Multiclass Nationals

 The Edmund Schneider Trophy

 'Best in Non-competitive Aircraft' 

 The W. A. Iggulden Tasman Trophy

 Australia Vs New Zealand 

 The Masters Trophy - formerly The 'Codgers' Trophy



 Highest scoring Intl Pilot in any class 

The Roger A. Woods

 18 Metre Champion


National Club and Sports Class Championships

 National Club Class Championship Trophy

 Club Class Champion

 Club Class 2nd Place Trophy

 Second Place Trophy 

 The Tim & Joy Shirley Trophy

 Best female pilot in Club or Sports Class

 The Maurie Bradney Club Class Trophy


 The National Club Class Teams Trophy

 State Nominated Teams 

 The Riley Aeronautics Trophy

 'The Most Successful Two- seater Performance' 

 The Commonwealth Banking Corporation Two seater Class

 Second Place Trophy 

 John S. Holst Memorial Trophy

 Highest Handicap Speed 

 Beaurepaires Corowa Trophy

 Highest Placed Novice Pilot 

One-Plus Trophy

 Best Placed Pilot with a handicap of 1 or more

 T & J Sailplanes Services Mentor Trophy

 Mentor & Pupil(s) Team 

 Laurie Watkins Trophy for best tryer


 The Renmark Gliding Club Trophy

 The Highest Placed Wooden Glider 


Club Class International Trophies

 The Roger Woods World Club Class Trophy

 Best placing by an Australian in the World Club Class Championships

 The Royal Aeronautical Society Shield

 Best speed by an Australian in the World Club Class Championships

 One-Off Trophies at 1st World Clubs Class Championships

 Gawler 2001


Junior Trophies

 The Bernard Eckey Award

 Outright second placed pilot 

 The Catherine Conway cup

 Highest placed female pilot 

 The George Lee Trophy

 Highest handicapped speed 

 The Joey cup

 awarded on weight for age 

 The Junior Trans-Tasman trophy

 Australia vs New Zealand Juniors 

 The Maurie Bradney Junior Champion Trophy

 Australian National Junior Champion 

 The Schempp-Hirth trophy

 Citizenship and airmanship 

 The Southern Cross trophy

 Highest placed novice 

 The State of Origin plate

 Junior state teams contest 


Decentralised Event Trophies (no longer awarded)

 The Australian Gliding Trophy


 The Sportavia Trophy


 The Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy

 Winner League I 

 The New South Wales Gliding Association Shield

 Winner League II 

 The National Two-seater Championship Trophy

 League III

 The Corfu Accommodation Trophy

 League IV 


GFA Annual Trophies

 The Wally Wood Trophy

 Longest distance flight claimed in a season (1 May to 30 April)

 The Martin Warner Trophy

 Greatest height gain claimed in a season (1 May to 30 April) 

The Bob Irvine Trophy

 Greatest handicapped distance in a season (1 May to 30 April)


NSWGA Trophies

 Denzil Macarthur Onslow Trophy

 Open Class Champion 

 Jim Stanley Memorial Trophy

 18M Class Champion 

 Werner Dennis Trophy

 15M Class Champion 

 Narromine Soaring Club Trophy

 Std Class Champion 

 Deutsche Lufthansa Trophy

 Club Class Champion 

 BP Trophy

 Overall Speed 

 Gliding Accessories Trophy

 Std Class Speed 

 Herbert Schade Trophy

 Club Class Speed