Tobi Geiger

Tobi Geiger received four awards this year: Bob Irvine Trophy Flight with the highest OLC Classic points score, 1105pts.   
Roger Woods Trophy Best Place by an Australian in World Club Class at WCG, Lithuania.       
RAS Shield Highest Speed World Club Class, 95.19 kph.
Decentralised OLC Top 50.


Geoff Brown w

Geoff Brown AO received the Jack Iggulden Award, services to gliding in general as a volunteer.

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The Wally Wallington Trophy for services to Sport, won by Alex Wallis and received on his behalf by Brenton Swart.


award 1 w

The Ryan Award for Services to Airworthiness, won by Rob Hanbury and received by Andrew Simpson.


award 2 w

Hoinville Award for services to Operations (specifically production of a new 'Glider Pilot Training Record' booklet), won by a team of three from SA: John Whittington, Dennis Medlow and Richard Geytenbeek. Brenton Swart, Sean Georgenson-Day and Mandy Temple will deliver the awards to them in SA.

Goldsmith Cubley w

Dave and Jenne Goldsmith with Terry Cubley.

Murray WA w

Murray Stimson and GFA board member Owen Jones.

Mandy Tim w

Mandy Temple and Awards and Tropies Officer Tim Shirley.



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Citations for Awards

Iggulden Award – Geoff Brown

The GFA Operations Panel nominates Air Chief Marshal Geoffrey Brown, AO, (Retired), of Canberra Gliding Club, for the Iggulden Award for services to Gliding.

One of the most significant boosts to the gliding movement in Australia in the last decade has been the reinvigoration of gliding activity through the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) system.  Geoff Brown had the strategic vision, outstanding leadership and energy to persuade Government and Defence to invest in the future aviation talent pool in Australia.  

Under his stewardship, Defence has invested in the procurement, support and operation of a modern fleet of ASK21MI and DG1000S sailplanes, upgrade and building of new cadet gliding aerodrome facilities, and establishment of an expanded network of AAFC Squadron gliding clubs and training organisations.  

AAFC gliding clubs now have resources to offer pilot experience flights to many thousands of young people each year. Gliding training courses are now offered to groups of cadets in all Australian gliding regions.  New clubs have been established in Victoria and Queensland. GFA is seeing great benefits from collaboration with AAFC through development of improved training systems documentation and operational safety insights.  Some gliding clubs are benefiting from an infusion of AAFC-trained junior pilots, eager to expand their skills and experience post-solo.

Rather than setting up AAFC gliding under RAAF registration and control, Geoff Brown had the vision to establish this expanded gliding training system under GFA-managed systems for operations and airworthiness, underpinned by formal agreements.  Many fine GFA people contribute to safe and effective operation of AAFC Gliding Clubs and cadet gliding courses, and the gliding movement is now richer for their participation in the sport of gliding. Geoff Brown has enhanced his example as a competitive role model for future pilots by winning the 2016 Horsham round of the Formula One Gliding Grand Prix.  He has made lasting changes to benefit the entire Gliding movement and is a most deserving recipient of this award.

Wallington Award – Alex Wallis
Alex has been involved with the Australian team since the World Gliding Championships in Slovakia in 2010, he subsequently attended the Junior World Gliding Championships in 2011 in Musbach Germany which was Matthew Scutter's first World Championships he then accompanied the Australian gliding team to Uvalde Texas and more recently supported the Junior Australian gliding team at Narromine where we had two top five finishes with Matthew Scutter finishing as World Champion and most recently he supported the senior Australian Gliding Team at Benalla in Victoria.
Alex works professionally, tirelessly, enthusiastically and with good humour.
He travelled to all of these competitions at his own expense and took time off from his own business to support the team.
He procured and assembled the incredible team aerial which was used by the team in Aussie base and he provided outstanding daily weather briefings and task information. He also gave in the air updates.which inevitably improved.the team performance an pilot results.
Alex is such a great team player and so generous with his time I believe he would be a very suitable receipient of this award.



The GFA Operations Panel nominates a team of three people who have made a major contribution to the improvement of operations and gliding training; Mr Dennis Medlow, of 600 Squadron AAFC GC, Dr John Whittington, of Adelaide Soaring Club, and Mr Richard Geytenbeek, of Adelaide Soaring Club.

Over the several years, they have worked as a team to develop both the draft Blue Book and the new GFA Glider Pilot Training Record, which has now been issued for use by Gliding Clubs across Australia.  The finished product is of excellent quality and provides a standardized document for recording pilot progression through the GFA Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC) syllabus, from Ab-Initio to Solo and then to GPC.  The document also provides checklists plus excellent diagrams and illustrations to assist instructors in providing flight-line briefings, as well as assisting students in studying and preparing for future training sequences.

The Glider Pilot Training Record had its genesis in the SA “Blue Book” training record, which was upgraded by Dennis Medlow for AAFC use. The GFA Operations Panel supported the development of this into a generic training record, suitable for national use in aerotow, winch and powered sailplane clubs, with GFA standard content.  Dennis Medlow and John Wharington made extensive improvements and revisions to the training record contents, with new illustrations and diagrams provided by Richard Geytenbeek.  They were most responsive to feedback on the discussion draft Blue Book.  Their collective initiative, professionalism and enthusiasm have been critical to successful completion of the “White Book” Glider Pilot Training Record.

This achievement will be of lasting benefit to the gliding movement; to improving standardisation and quality of training; to improving progression and mobility of students in the training system; and improving safety and operational performance outcomes in the long term.  The new GFA Glider Pilot Training Record is now a world-leading gliding training reference.  Mr Dennis Medlow, Dr John Wharington and Mr Richard Geytenbeek are to be commended for their exceptional efforts and services to operations and training.