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Service Difficulty Report 

Here is the latest Service Difficulty Report (SDR). This is the full copy of public SDR as discussed in the last Gliding Australia. 


The first public report on the new Service Difficulty Reports (SDR) in the SOAR (Safety,Operations andAirworthinessReports System) is attached,  SDR report. All useable reports are in the attached spreadsheet which you can download. We have all reports since 2013 entered in the GFA system and even though new and you are not yet using it much we have about 100 interesting reports. I did not include a few reports that were just basic info or repetitive. We will develop the system to serve our needs.

By law we have to report major defects but GFA is asking you report more than this; any maintenance issue that may help others learn from it. We will report Major Defects to CASA and useful defects to the manufacturers. They are responding to these. We will issue ADs or advice to owners and inspectors. Even the small issues will help us learn and show developing issues. For instance we saw a few cases of poor DI and so are pushing care and attention and second checks on all major systems.

Although the attached reports are by the glider type on which it was reported we do notice that many are generic problems that could occur on many models. These need to be given attention in training and inspection. We have the detail but only publish this depersonalized general lessons learnt type of report to let all of you know. The RTO-As have full access if they need to look at details but they will be kept confidential.

So please report all SDRs preferably online on SOAR as that is quicker and saves us effort. Otherwise paper or email will be entered for you. The RTOs investigate these and the CTO acts on them – promptly if required.

We purposely set it up to be simple to file the basics and to allow more detail if required. If needed your RTO-A will get back to you. Please use it – we need you to report so we can all learn. Go to the MY GFA/ SOAR Rpts tab. You may even file old SDR that are useful and that you don't see in this list.

GFA CAD, 6/07/2015