Go Membership

One of the recurring themes in the responses to the Members Survey was the time needed to achieve progress when starting training. There were many many comments about time being a limiting factor - causing pilots to move away from gliding. The Board is looking at ways that we can facilitate one week courses to accelerate training of ab initio students, and improve retention. We would like your input into ways that your club could help. We are already aware of several smaller clubs that send their ab initio students to other clubs to start their training. Their experience has been positive with good retention and members returning to them to continue their training.

I know that some clubs already operate an online Booking System to facilitate training, and only expect pilots to attend for half a day rather than a full day. Some clubs offer Air Experience Flights with a very specific booking system and time slot – I wonder if we could consider offering  these same time slots to time poor members for the same price, rather than strangers?
In this current time poor society we need to take a good look at our training methods that evolved in the beginning of the last century when we were not competing with television, the internet and so many other sports.