Go Membership

For the past 3 months we have been asking new members to indicate how they heard about gliding.
The results show:
22% knew someone who was a member,
30% were overseas visitors,
7% joined after an AEI flight,
8% joined after finding the GFA website,
9% were Air Force Cadets,
3% Found us by Google, and
20% were “Other sources”.
As our data grows we will start to have a better idea of where our members are coming from and how best to Market our sport. We have known for some time that we get a significant number of new members from existing members. Do you know someone who may be interested? Bring them along and get them hooked.

Low interest loans from GFA for Aircraft purchase – this is already an option and we currently have several substantial loans to various clubs to do exactly that. If your club needs a loan to purchase an aircraft contact GFA Treasurer Dave Shorter for more details on how the scheme works.