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Mateusz Siodloczek from Poland  just beat Joris Vainius from Lithuania to take first place for the day in Standard Class on a record breaking day at JWGC2015. Climbs to over 13,000 ft  above ground level were achieved under scattered cumulus.

Flying the 611.59 km racing task at the record speed for a JWGC of 153.92 kph in a Discus 2a, Mateusz was closely followed by Joris whos speed was 153.44 kph. The first six Standard Class pilots all achieved over 153 kph. Australia's Matthew Scutter came in fourth but retains the number one spot after five days by five points.

In Club Class Marek Niewiadomy from Poland in a Jantar Standard 2 came first flying the 450.95 km racing task at 127.78 kph. The three German pilots took second, third and fourth places. Robin Diesterweg, Simon Schmidt-Meinzer scoring 997 points and and Philipp Schulz 993 points.

James Nugent from Australia had the fastest stick speed in Club Class flying 131.76 kph in an LS3 to place - the youngest contestant in the championships - twelfth on the day and eleventh overall.  

As this report is published IGC and Australian Gliding Federation officials are furiously checking, but initial indications suggest that today broke records for JWGC in altitude, distance and speed in both Club and Standard classes.

Competition Director Adam Webb said, 'Today was a classic day. We had some great climbs to 14,000 ft. There were some very long glides with people reporting  over 100 km without turning. With speeds of over 150 kph in Standard and 130 kph in Club Class achieved, it is about as good as we could have expected from them. The conditions tomorrow are looking as good if not better.'

Terry Cubley, Operations Director, who worked hard at IGC level to bring the JWGC to Australia said, 'We told the worldwide gliding community that Narromine was one of the best gliding sites in the world. We said that the conditions at this time of year would be ideal for a challenging and exciting competition. Today our assurances were proved to be justified. What a great day gliding day it was.'

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Sean Young