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After watching the returning gliders on Day 4 I asked Operations Director Terry Cubley how he thought the day went.

Terry said., 'Today you could begin to see that it was business as usual for the pilots. They were getting onto the rhythm. The griding was right the launching just went along. There were no issues or problems, everyone was just relaxed about the whole process.

'The day turned out quite well. I was a bit apprehensive for a while. Not because I thought it would not be good enough but I wasn't sure it was progressing as quickly as expected. But the pilots all handled it all very well.

'Watching the live tracking you could begin to see the thinking. The pilots who ended up doing well turned early in the first sector and went deep into the western sector where the better whether was forecast to be. There were gaggles, but a number of gaggles. Different choices being made even in the blue. Under cumulus you would expect that but In the blue they tend to stick together a bit more. So there were gaggles, but the majority of pilots seemed to be going along making sensible decisions.

'They all got back and they managed the finish well. The airmanship was good, even at the end of the ground run. Today they were all focusing on getting that right.

'It was a nice day. A few of the teams have had some good results, some disappointments. That is what gliding comps are about.'

Sean Young