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James Nugent today became the youngest pilot ever to win a
World Gliding Competition day leading the pack in Club Class.
He was followed by Nick Hanenburg from the Netherlands and
Australian Joe O'Donnell.

Matt Davis for Great Britain took first place in Standard Class followed by
Matthew Scutter from Australia and Simon Briel from Germany.

I asked John Buchanan Head Coach Australian Team for his reaction and John said,

'In Australia we are not allowed to team fly. In preparation for this competition we have been doing our best to teach them team flying outside of competition and this has been challenging. We had a coaching week in Kingaroy Queensland recently where we on team flying. However, James Nugent who won Club Class today was unable to attend because he was taking his high school leaving exams. But today, as far as we know, James is the youngest pilot ever to win a day in a World Gliding Championships.

'This is the third flying day of the competition and the team have taken a bit of time to settle in and I think today is a turning point for the team . Joe O'Donnell had a bit of bad luck yesterday. He maybe could have made it home but elected to be safe and landed just 2 km short of the finish line. But today he came in third missing out on second place by just one point. So he has recovered quickly. All of the team have had their little bit of down time but they are settling into it I think.

'Matthew Scutter has been building up to it and did well today coming in second. Dylan Lampard wasn't that far behind in points but was just clipped by a few other team flying pilots. He had a bit of a low day yesterday so it has cheered him up to be right up in the high nine hundreds today. Ailsa McMillan also did well and all three of our Standard Class Pilots are well placed. They are young and just learning, we'll just see how it goes, one day at a time.

I asked if John was surprised at James' win today? and he said, 'No, James is a natural. He just flies so soft and sweet, in the air his glider just seems to walk away from you.'

Sean Young