The 10th racing day of WWGC Lake Keepit began with a different sky with grey high clouds and the hint of rain in the distance. At briefing, weatherman Dave Shorter was once again confident that it would be another good soaring day.

Task setter Bruce Taylor set AATs in all classes, which seemed like the best idea to the pilots and it did seem uncertain how the weather would progress during the day. All tasks were set to the south and west before a final turning circle north around Mt Kaputar.

18m Class had a potential distance of 325 - 675km.  Dave Shorter later told me that they were estimating that the average speed for a distance should be about 110 kph for 500 km. This turned out to be about right. The day winner defending world champion Katrin Senne came home at 125.7 kph after flying 506.42km. It was her first day win of this championships and put her in 3rd  place overall.

The French dynamic duo Anne Ducarouge and Melanie Gadoulet took 2nd and 3rd places flying roughly 498km at 123 kph. This was more than enough to secure their places at the top of 18m Class. Anne is in second place 96 points ahead of Katrin and Melanie is within grasp of the world title, 112 points ahead on 8,137 points in total.


Standard Class once again turned into a battle with winners and losers. Their task was 287 - 568km. Dave Shorter had estimated that they could achieve about 350km at 100 kph. The French Aude     Grangeray and Aude Untersee won the day flying just under 400km at 106 kph. Defending world champion Aude Grangeray took 1st place and 1,000 points and Aude Untersee secured 969 points.

Australian Claire Scutter made her second best performance of the competition taking 3rd place flying 392.64km at 100.79 kph.

Then came the Germans Cornelia Schaich and Ulrike Teichmann. American Sarah Arnold finished 6th but kept her place at the top of Standard Class. Lisa Turner from Australia finished 8th but gained two positions on the day. Ayala Truelove did not have the best of races, finishing in 14th place.

These results moved Lisa Trotter up one slot into 3rd place while Ayala Truelove was knocked down one position into 4th place. After her great performance, Claire Scutter moved up four places into 5th position overall. She has a total of 7,550 points, and Sarah Arnold has 7,998 points.

Club Class also saw some good performances, disappointments and changes to the leader board. Their task was 265 - 564 km.

Italian Elena Fergnani had her second day win flying 389.51km at 102.66 kph. Australian Jenny Ganderton came in second flying 385.59km at 96.33 kph. The Poles Judyta Czyz and Kinga Tchorz  took 3rd and 4th places. Jo Davis Club Class leader came in 6th position gaining 768 points but this is enough to keep her ahead of the pack and within grasp of her first world title.


Lisa Trotter with team mate Claire Scutter in Standard Class

The scores and placings only hint at the difficulties the pilots had flying a tricky day. There were two landouts and a few penalty points for low finishes and missed turnpoints.

The total scores of 7 - 8,000 points in each class highlight what a good flying championships this has been so far. There are still two potential racing days to go - and the competition is not over.

Today, 16 January, rain is forecast. However tasks were set in all classes, so once more all competitors prepared to fly and the gliders were lined up on the grid. As the launch time of 11:30 arrived the first rumbles of thunder were heard in the near distance and the sky blackened. The tasks were cancelled and the gliders are now being put away.

With one possible day of competition still possible but rain forecast, we may have completed this championships. Some competitors will be very happy, while others would have relished one more chance to improve thier positioning.

Winners 18m Class 15 January


Winners Standard Class 15 January


Winners Club Class 15 January