Aussie WWGC Team

The IGC meeting taking place in Turkey has awarded the 2022 in Club. Std. 15m classesto Narromine.

WGC 2022 will be held in January 2023, which makes timing more convenient for international teams to ship gliders to Narromine and fits in better with European holidays. Also, the weather conditions are excellent in Narromine at that time of year.

Narromine was the venue for the 2015 Junior World Championship, which was very successful, flying on 10 out of a possible 11 contest days. It was also the venue where Matthew Scutter became World Champion in Standard Class.

Congratulations to Narromine Gliding Club.

Training Dates    4 - 6 Jan 2023
Competition Dates   
8 – 21 Jan 2023