Saturday 16 July is a big day on the GFA calendar. Join us at
  • The Annual General Meeting starting at 5:15pm.
  • The Annual Awards dinner follows at 6:30pm which is a great chance to enjoy some wonderful company and hear from our guest speaker AIRMSHL Geoff Brown (previous Chief of the RAAF) and enjoy the presentation of the GFA Awards.
  • A Simulator Workshop runs from 9:30am-12:30pm for people who are keen to understand the plans for expanding the availability and use of simulators, and maybe contributing some ideas and support.
  • The Soaring Seminar starts at 1:15pm with eight great presentations to suit all tastes and interests. This is the first seminar for 4 - 5 years so it should be a great event.
VENUE Best western Hotel in Attwood, Melboune


Details of each of these events are shown below.
Please  REGISTER to attend the Simulator workshop and book/pay for attending the Soaring Seminar and the Awards Dinner. These events are subsidised so great value is assured. All registrations/booking via the GFA Shop / Marketing or click REGISTER by 30 June.

GFA Awards 2016  Call for Nominations

The following Awards are available for presentation at the GFA Awards dinner which is to be held on the evening of the GFA AGM, 16 July 2016
Awarded for
Claim process
Wally Woods Trophy
Longest claimed X/C flight of the season (May 2015 to April 2016)
To be claimed by pilot
Martin Warner Trophy
Greatest claimed Gain of height for the season (May 2015 to April 2016)
To be claimed by pilot
Bob Irvine Trophy
Longest claimed X/C flight on handicap (May 2015 to April 2016)
To be claimed by pilot
Roger Woods Trophy
Best place by an Australian at World Club Class
GFA Awards Officer determines
Ryan Award
Services to Airworthiness
Nomination – select by Board
J R Muller Award
Promotion and Marketing
Nomination – select by Board
Hoinville Award
Services to Operations
Nomination – select by Board
Wally Wallington Trophy
Services to the Sport of Gliding
Nomination – select by Board
Jack Iggulden Award
Services to gliding in general as a volunteer
Nomination – select by Board
The awards to be claimed by the pilot should be emailed to Tim Shirley, GFA Awards Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and must include details of both the award being claimed and any supporting documentation.  A valid IGC file is required.  The same flight cannot win both of the Wally Woods and Bob Irvine Trophies, but the same pilot can.  Also, distance is based on OLC optimisations and handicap for the purposes of the Bob Irvine Trophy is also the OLC handicap.
Nominations for GFA Awards can be made by any GFA member but require the endorsement of the Board in addition to the nominating member. Typically, a half to one page citation is all that is needed.  Note that these awards are for services to the GFA, and would not usually go to a member whose main contribution has been to a single gliding club, however dedicated that may have been. Members of GFA staff can't be nominated for services awards in respect of their paid duties, but can be nominated for services as volunteers.
Only one award is made for each category annually, and if there are no nominations (or none that are judged worthy) then the Award need not be made.
In order to allow the Board sufficient time to adjudicate, and for trophies to be prepared, the nomination period for all the above will close on 30 June 2016  Nominations should be emailed to Tim Shirley This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GFA Awards Dinner

The Awards Dinner is a celebration of the great work done by GFA members over the past 12 months or over many years. It is also a great social event. It will commence from 6:30pm on Saturday 16th and will include the presentation of the GFA awards. We will also have the pleasure of our after dinner speaker AIRMSHL Geoff Brown. Geoff was until recently the Chief of the Air Force and the main driver behind the expansion of the AAFC and its 21 new gliders. He is also a member of the Canberra GC. Geoff will provide us with some commentary on his various roles in the RAAF and in gliding with special mention of his desire to make gliding a core part of the RAAF’s future. A night not to be missed. The three course meal will cost $50 per person and drink can be purchased at the bar. Bookings must be made and paid on the GF shop by 30 June 2016 REGISRATIONS

GFA Soaring Seminar

The seminar is the first for 4-5 years and offers an insight into a range of different interests and developmentS in gliding. Presentation include:
 Simulator use in Gliding – training and promotion Justin Couch
So how can simulators take a more important role in gliding, from the perspective of improving training of students, instructor training and gliding promotion? Hear from the people who have had hands on involvement and their plans for the future introduction of simulators in all states.
 New Weather models for gliding – Eric Stauss
Eric will introduce Matthew Scutter’s new subscription-based soaring forecast service, featuring: 5+ days forecasting range, Half-hourly time steps through the day, highly accurate forecasts, due to very high resolution. Route planning, Google Maps overlays and tablet/mobile support.
 Grand Prix racing and tracking – plans for Horsham – Tim Shirley
The key racing format worldwide with real time tracking of flights, now returns to Australia in December.
 Goal 3000 – VSA club development activities. Ian Grant, John Styles
VSA has good government support and is introducing a process to directly assist clubs to grow their membership and ensure their future. Hear how this is being achieved.
 Insurance for GFA, Clubs and Glider owners. Dylan Jones, Allianz
Dylan is the GFA Insurance broker and will provide an update on changes to our policies and the market. It seems it is getting better!
 CASA update – Anita Taylor
Anita has had long term involvement in gliding, as a pilot and crew, as a coach, as chair of the GFA sports committee and as GFA President. Now she is a member of the CASA Board in a period of huge change. Anita will be able to explain in ‘glider language’ the changes that are occurring in CASA and the likely impacts on us as individuals and for the GFA.
 Soarability - Damien O’Reilly
Damian has invested his vision, enthusiasm and dollars to create an organisation that is introducing people with a disability into gliding. He will explain why and how he has introduced this opportunity and how it is making a difference for those who are participating.
         RAAus - A time of Change -  Michael Linke, CEO RAAus.
Michael is an energetic CEO who has led RAAus through a period of major organisational change. He will explain the change process so far, and give an insight into their future plans
The cost for attending the Seminar is $25 and bookings must be made and paid on the GFA shop by 30 June 2016 REGISRATIONS

Simulator workshop.

Justin Couch from Southern Cross GC is running a GFA project team to investigate develop and manufacture Gliding Simulators for use in each Region. There is already a depth of experience in gliding with construction and running of simulators, for both training and promotional purposes.
Many of the key proponents of simulators in gliding are coming together on Saturday morning from 9:30am-12:30pm to discuss technical and implementation issues and ideas. Members with an interest in Simulators are welcome to attend to hear the plans and to offer suggestions. There is no cost to attend the workshop but space is limited so please register via the GFA shop/ marketing or just click the link   REGISRATIONS
If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Safe Soaring
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GFA Executive Officer