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2 From the President - ExeCutive officer

What's happening in the Australian gliding airspace.

5 events, NEWS, S2f
As the 2018/19 gliding season gets underway, check the upcoming events in your state, coaching opportunities and progress of S2F.

10 perlan
Perlan 2 broke the mission's record once again when Jim Payne and Tim Gardner achieved an astonishing altitude of 76,124ft.

12 bunyan wave camp
Pilots achieved Gold and Diamond Height climbs at Canberra Gliding Club’s wave camp when the Bunyan Weather Factory lived up to its name.

14  are you competition ready?
To avoid risk and disappointment, it's essential for pilots to start the season truly prepared, both mentally and logistically.

16 a glider tug called Lucy
A determined team at Narrogin GC developed a successful auto engined glider tug from a Bearhawk Patrol kit and a Mazda Rotary engine.

18 john buchanan & aDAM WOOLLEY'S wgc SUMMER
John Buchanan and Adam Woolley share their experiences and revelations after competing at two WGCs in Poland and Czechia.

The 2018 Qld Comp adopted the exciting new Grand Prix race format. Pilots and organisers both have lots to say about the new approach.

28 vintage
Dave Goldsmith looks back 50 years at one of the most memorable flights of his life, in a Bergfalke 3. Vincenzo Pedretti reports on the VGC Rally at Stendal-Borstel airfield.

32 GLIDER DEVELOPMENTS - towards glide ratio 100:1 - VFR ADS-B - SCHLEICHER
Learn about progress toward the high-performance glide ratio of 100:1, the adoption of ADS-B in VFR aircraft and the new Schliecher AS 33.

37 thermal centring
Refresh your thermalling skills - how to locate them, how to find the best part of a thermal and determining where the next thermals on track will be.

43 club listing