The Bob Irvine Trophy is to be awarded to the successful claimant for the greatest cross-country distance achieved in each calendar year after application of the appropriate handicap factor for the sailplane. Applications for the trophy are to be called for by the GFA Trophies Officer by advertisement in 'Australian Gliding' magazine early in each year, for distance flights achieved during the previous calendar year. Satisfactory verification details by an FAI Official Observer are to be provided by the applicant.

The appropriate handicap factor is to be from the list currently used for the Decentralised Competitions

This trophy was inaugurated at the 1997 GFA Annual Council Meeting as a memorial to Dr. Robert D. Irvine Ph.D, widely known in the competition scene, and a former GFA Councillor for some years. Bob met his death whilst competing in the 35th FAI Nationals at Horsham on 24th January 1997 , in a mid-air collision between his Nimbus 2, VH-GWX and the well known ASW 22, VH-UKG. Bob had always seemed to fly a less than state-of-the art sailplane yet always did very well. He won the 'Austraglide' (Open Class, League 2) trophy posthumously on that occasion.

In view of Bob Irvine's predilection for less-than-top-class sailplanes it was felt appropriate to commemorate his achievements with a trophy for performance in such aircraft. During the previous year two wooden sailplanes, a Boomerang and a Ka6cr, flying in company from Gawler, Bob's home club, had achieved the outstanding distance of 654 km. Such flights suffered a major disadvantage under the Wally Wood Trophy rules, yet if the distance had been multiplied the by the appropriate handicap factor the points score would have compared more than favourably with the scores of top GRP sailplanes.

The Bob Irvine Trophy was originally known as 'The New Wally Wood Trophy" and was kindly donated by Peter Trotter who, with his wife Lisa, was currently joint RTO/Sports for VSA. (see under "Wally Wood Trophy" for the full circumstances of this donation).

Although applications may be made for both the Wally Wood Trophy (distance) and the Bob Irvine Trophy (handicap distance) both trophies shall not be awarded for the same flight.

Longest Distance Flight x Handicap Factor, Inaugurated 1997 
claimed in # calendar year
in ## transition 16 months 
then in GFA Financial Year May-April 

Season Pilot Sailplane Distance-km x Factor Points
1997 # Paul Mason Mosquito VH-GKV 821 km 0.98 = 804.58
1998 # Keith Willis PW5 VH-ZAW 513 km 1.16 = 595.08
1999 # Tom Claffey Discus B 1015.4 km 0.939 = 953.22
2000 # Chris Woolley LS4 601.7 0.94 = 565.60
2001/02 ## Michael O’Brien LS1f 753.43 km 1.10 = 828.773
2002/03 Kerrie Claffey ASW28 834.2 km 0.98 = 817.516
2003/04 Simon Holding Std Cirrus 761.7 km 1.10 = 837.87
2004/05 Ed Bishop Jantar 2b 623 km 1.06 = 660.38
2008/09 Terry Cubley        

The Martin Warner TrophyMartin Warner Trophy

Greatest Height Gain Claimed in a Calendar Year

Martin Warner was one of the GFA founders in 1949 As a member of the Sydney Soaring Club he did much research on glider radios, and possibly his club was the only club in Australia using such modern equipment.

Martin was also a keen cross country pilot and it was on one of his cross-countries that he was taken up by a cumulo-nimbus cloud, attaining a height gain of 23,390 feet. At that time the climb was an Australian and British Commonwealth record. It remained an Australian record for many years.

On a number of years the trophy has not been claimed for the greatest gain of height in Australia in the year ending 31st December

Year Pilot State Height
1958 L.Anderson WA 13,900 feet
1959 R.Urbonas SA 15,100 feet
1961 R.Wingate SA 13,452 feet
1962 V.Sloithe & R.Webster VIC 13,000 feet
1963 D.Campain SA 11,400 feet
1964 B.Persson SA/NT  
1965 M.Howland QLD  
1966 M.Howland QLD  
1967 B.Persson SA/NT  
1969 B.Persson SA/NT  
1970 B.Persson SA/NT  
1976 A.Wooley QLD  
1977 C.Vassarotti VIC 17,600 feet
1978 J.East QLD 20,250 feet
1979 P.King NSW 19,272 feet
1980 G.R.Hart QLD 25,140 feet
1982 G.Neely VIC 19,550 feet
1983 M.N.King NSW 24,400 feet
1984 G.Horsnell NSW 24,230 feet
1985 D.Williams NSW 22,020 feet
1986 R Weston WA 20,500 feet
1987 L.Armour WA 25,420 feet
1988 N.Joel NSW 20,000 feet
1989 D.Johnson WA 18,500 feet
1992 A.Repton WA 19,529 feet 5,952.7 metres.
1994 H.Feuersanger NSW 25,500 feet 7,772.5 metres
1995 Richard Agnew NSW 25,500 feet - Aust Absolute Altitude Record 33,000 ft
1996 Richard Agnew NSW 17,370 feet
1997 Clem Lunau SA 20,100 feet
1998 No Claims    
1999 Richard Agnew NSW 16,700 feet
2000 Richard Agnew NSW 17,600 feet
2001/2002 Richard Agnew NSW 22,581 feet
2002/3 Richard Agnew NSW 23,967 feet

The Wally Wood Trophy

Longest Distance Flight Claimed in a Calendar Year to 2000 thereafter the period is the GFA Financial year

This trophy is awarded to the pilot completing the longest cross-country flight in Australia each season. However, the pilot must submit a verified claim for the trophy when it is advertised in AG in May of each year. Until 2001 the ‘season’ was previous calendar year but it was then changed to May1st / April 30 th starting in 2002.

Wally Wood was quite a well known light aircraft pilot in Central Australia in the 1950s. 
He was a founder of the Alice Springs Gliding Club and contributed a lot to the sport of gliding in 'the Centre' as a glider pilot and tug pilot. 
It was whilst towing a glider that he met his unfortunate death.

The Alice Springs Gliding Club donated the trophy to GFA in 1962.

[ From the mid 80s to mid 90s the trophy was missing, apparently left with an unknown jeweler for engraving. A Victorian pilot listed as having held it accepted responsibility for the loss and paid for it's replacement, a very close replica made by Herbert Schade working from a photograph. This was tagged "The New Wally Wood Trophy" and was awarded for 1994 and 1995. Early in 1997 the aforesaid jeweler, a former member of Waikerie Gliding Club, went out of business and returned the missing trophy, leaving GFA in a dilemma! The pilot who had paid up had not in fact been responsible for the loss. The new trophy was taken out of circulation pending discussion with the Victorian pilot, and a decision on it's future use by the 1997 Sports Committee and the GFA ACM. The original trophy was then returned to circulation, with all engravings brought up to date, and was awarded again for the 1996 flight. Refer to the "Bob Irvine trophy" for the end of this saga ]

* * * * *


At the 2001 ACM GFA Council agreed to a proposal put by the Trophies Officer, Fred Foord, that it would be appropriate to change the period of the Wally Wood, Bob Irvine and Martin Warner Trophies to relate better to the soaring season. Therefore the 2001 period was changed to be from 1 st Jan 2001 – 30 th April 2003, and thereafter from 1 st May (2002 etc.) to 30 th April of the following year (2003 etc.)

Longest distance flight claimed in calendar year 
(The trophy was not claimed for the missing years below)

Year Pilot State Distance
1962 H.Schneider SA 392 miles
1963 M.Gill SA 393 miles
1965 H.Apitz SA 322 miles
1967 S.Cox SA 470 miles
1970 B.Persson SA/NT  
1971 B.McLaren SA 504 miles
1979 K.Wellington NSW 774 km
1983 D.G.Jansen Qld 816 km
1986 J.Holland SA 1009 km
1988 S.Percival SA 1018 km
1989 P.Trotter Vic. 1030 km
1991 C.Vassarotti ACT 630 km
1992 T.West NSW 874.67 km
1994 T.Claffey NSW 948.6 km
1995 Neil Burns & Roger Druce Vic 1003.39 km
1996 Haidyn Dunn SA 770.3 km
1997 Frank Johann SA 847.0 km
1998 Paul Mason SA 868.0 km
1999 Harry Medlicott NSW 1178.46 km
2000 Chris Woolley Qld 730.59 km
2001/2 Andrew Repton WA 1033.8 km
2002/3 David Pietsch NSW 1011 km
2003/4 James Cooper WA 797 km
2004/5 Geoff Sweeney NSW 801.36 km

The Corfu Accommodation Trophy

The National Two-Seater Championship Trophy


In 1994 a new League was introduced into the Decentralised Competitions, League IV for 'Novice' category pilots, those having under 200 hours experience at the beginning of the season. It became apparent that a new trophy would be needed.

An up and coming young pilot in Adelaide Soaring Club ( Matthew Ryan ) offered to 'put the hard word on' his grandfather to donate a trophy for this purpose!

Mr Ron Boswarva, whose business was 'Corfu Accommodation' in SA. was happy to do this, so the new trophy was commissioned, to be called the 'CORFU ACCOMMODATION TROPHY' This occurred in October 1995 and as the competition results had recently been announced it was seen fitting to make the first award.

      Site S & 2S National
1981/2 I. McPhee NSW Leeton 1st
1982/3 G.Wrigley NT Leeton 2nd
1983/4 H.Dunn, R.Ollerenshaw  SA Ararat 3rd
1984/5 J.Viney, Rosemary Tyers Vic Ararat 4th
1985/6 M.Laird & Others NSW Leeton 5th
1986/7 H.Leslie NSW Leeton 6th
1987/8 N.Vagg Vic Corowa 7th
1988/9 N.Vagg Vic Corowa 8th
1990 Reallocated to Decentralised Comps, League III      


Season Pilot Club State Glider Points
1994/95 Peter Reid Southern Riverina Vic. LS 4A 1639
1995/96 No claims        
1996/97 David George Adelaide University SA   705
1997/98 Steve Pegler Adelaide Soaring Club SA   1024
1998/99 Michael Boughen Southern Cross Gliding Club NSW   551
1999/2000 Brett Sutcliffe Bathurst Soaring Club NSW Std. Libelle 568
2000/01 Morgan Sandercock Hunter Valley GC NSW LS3a 321
2001/02 Nick Gilbert Southern Cross G.C. NSW    
2002/03 Stuart Ferguson Canberra GC ACT SZD41A 661

Decentralised Competitions


National Two seater Trophy - League 3 DCC
Season Club Aircraft Team Pilots Points
1988/89 Port Augusta Gliding Club Blanik P.Warburton, S.Kittel, P.Tryell 1353
1989/90 Waikerie Gliding Club Twin Astir / ASH 25 Not named 1125
1990/91 Adelaide Soaring Club Janus A Not named 1549
1991/92 Adelaide Soaring Club Janus A Not named 417
It appears that for 1992/93 the DCC Rules were changed to allow aggregate points for 3 pilots flying 3 flights, thus:
1992/93 Adelaide Soaring Club Mosquito/Discus/Nimbus 2C B.Tuncks, P.Mason, F.Johann 4646
1993/94 Port Augusta Gliding Club Twin Astir Not named 229
1994/95 Whyalla Gliding Club IS 32A P.Warburton 1174
1995/96 Adelaide University G.C. Bergfalke 4 Not named 174
1996/97 No claims received      
1997/98 Adelaide University G.C     70
1998/99 No claims received      
1999/2000 Albury Corowa G.C. Blanik Mike Pobjoy 321
2000/1 SDASC Twin Astir S.Lutton 444
2001/2 Orana Soaring Club   ‘Hans’  
2002/3 Orana Soaring Club   Hans-Georg Raschke & Mark Rowe 1572

The NSW Gliding Association Shield

The NSW Gliding Association Shield


A timber shield with an aviation centre piece and winner shields

Awarded to the winner of the Decentralised Cross-Country Event, League II

This shield was donated to the Decentralised Cross-Country Event in 2000 by the NSWGA. The donation was inspired by the contribution the annual “Narromine Cup and Performance Camp Week” makes to club pilots by providing them with an opportunity to achieve their personal cross-country goals. The link with the DCE is through the DCE providing the opportunity for further cross country development throughout the whole soaring season. It was decided to donate the trophy as a perpetual for the League II winner. The efforts of Kerry Claffey deserve special mention and thanks.

Season Pilot Club Sailplane Points
2000/2001 Michael O'Brien SDASC Ls1f 2056
2001/2 Ian de Ferranti Bathurst SC    
2002/3 James Cooper WA SZD55 2429


1983/84   D.Jansen 3438.8 points Nimbus 2 W.Bagley 1680.0 points LS 3
1984/85 Pamela Hawkins 3788 ASW 17 G.J.Moore 2658 LS 3a
1985/86 D.McCaffrey 2892 Ventus B H.Medlicott 3214 LS 3a
1986/87 No contest     No contest    
1987/88 No contest     No contest    
1988/89 M.Riley  1613 Nimbus 2 R.Tuncks (Jun) 1952 Mosquito
1983/84 B.Davidson 3113.0 points Std Cirrus E.Prelgauskas 1215.2 Boomerang
1984/85 R.Thorburn 2888 Libelle E. Prelgauskas 1478 Boomerang
1985/86 Theresa Renner 2506 Discus A No award    
1986/87 No contest     No contest    
1987/88 No contest     No contest    
1988/89 M.Young 2807 Discus D.Goldsmith 1670 Ka 6

In 1989 the Decentralised Comps Rules were changed yet again


# = Winner of A.G. Trophy in Bold Type
(See also League 1 Results)

Season Pilot Points Sailplane Trophy
1989/90 P.Trotter # 1028 points DG 200   AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1990/91 P.Goodale # 2718 LS 3 AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1991/92 D.Stacey # 2121 Cirrus 75 AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1992/93   D.Stacey 1784   SPORTAVIA
1993/94   M.Keys  # 2359   AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1994/95 C.Stephens # 1885 DG 300 AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1995/96 John Welsh# 2170 Hornet AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1996/97   Brett Potter# 2484   AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1997/98   Judith Renner#   1398   AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1998/99 Harry Medlicott# 2688   AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1999/2000 Bob Ward# 910 Ventus 2 CM 18 AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
2000/1 Michael O’Brien# 2056 LS1f AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
2001/2 Ian de Ferranti     AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
2002/3 Gerrit Kurstjens 2905 Nimbus 4T AUSTRALIAN GLIDING

The Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy

The Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy


A genuine, still operational, Octoberfest beer stein with name plaque and winner year shields. “The trophy can do more than just look good”!

Awarded to the winner of the Decentralised Cross-Country Event, League II

This trophy was donated to the Decentralised Cross-Country event in 2000 by the Bathurst Soaring Club. The donation was inspired by the contribution the annual “Narromine Cup and Performance Camp Week” makes to club pilots by providing them with an opportunity to achieve their personal cross country goals. The link with the DCE is through the DCE providing the opportunity for further cross country development throughout the whole soaring season. It was decided to donate the trophy as a perpetual for the League I winner. The efforts of Eric Sweet deserve special mention and thanks.

Season Pilot Club Sailplane Points
1999/2000 Chris Stephens Orana S.C. DG 300 947
2000/2001 Miles Gore-Brown Orana S.C. Discus 2 1568
2001/2 Chris Stephens Orana S.C. DG 300  
2001/3 Makoto Ichikawa Orana S.C. LS8a 2950


DCC Convener, Chris Stephens, recommended to the National Competitions Committee on May 20th 2000, that“If the second place getter in League 2 or 4 places higher than the winner of League I, then the‘Sportavia’Trophy should be given to that pilot, not to the League I winner”

Sports Committee Chairman, Terry Cubley, reported“This makes sense and was approved by the NCC and we are happy for this to occur for this season forward”.


Following the year 2000 changes mentioned above, the winner of League I, if not winning the‘Australian Gliding’nor the‘Sportavia’Trophy will be listed hereunder and presented with a certificate.

2000 Chris Stephens 627 km DG 300 Certificate
2003 Ms Akemi Hirotsune 2307 points LS8b Certificate. Visiting pilot highest points

1974 / 1983

Year Class Pilot Glider
1974/5 Open D.I.Ferguson Nimbus 2
  Standard C.D.Norman Standard Libelle
  Junior Standard R.Ridgewell Standard Libelle
  Sports Marian Schneider Boomerang
  Junior Sports S.A.Young Boomerang
1975/6 Open A.G.Tabart Nimbus 2
  Standard R.B.Tuncks Standard Libelle
  Junior Standard P.Briggs Standard Cirrus
  Sports S.Brackley Boomerang
  Junior Sports B. Koiker Arrow
1976/77 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  Standard R.Ridgewell Standard Cirrus
  Junior Standard D.Malcoff Standard Cirrus
  Sports M.Gill Spruce Goose
1977/8 Open G.Garlick Jantar 19m
  15 Metre R.W.Ward Pik 20 D
  Standard D.McCaffrey Hornet
  Junior Standard R.H.Tapp ASW 19
  Sports C.C.Alderton Pilatus B4
  Junior Sports G.Gibbons Club Libelle
1978/9 Open A.G.Tabart Nimbus 2
  15 Metre R.B.Tuncks Mosquito
  Standard P.V.Curtis Standard Cirrus
1979/80 Open K.Wellington Nimbus 2
  15 Metre Karla Karel LS3
  Standard R.East Standard Libelle
1980/1 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  15 Metre P.Mander ASW 20
  Standard A.Hartley Standard Libelle
1981/2 Open I.Renner Nimbus 2
  15 Metre R.B.Tuncks Mosquito
  Standard B.Woods Hornet
  Sports E.Prelgauskas Boomerang
  Junior S.O'Donnell LS3A
1982/3 Open I.Renner Nimbus 3
  15 Metre J.Rowe LS3 & LS4
  Standard H.Feuersanger LS1F
  Sports G.Wrigley Salto


In 1983 the Sports Committee changed the categories in order to conduct a fairer competition.

Any inequality had been brought about by improved aircraft performances and domination in some areas by high standard pilots to the detriment of some inexperienced pilots.

It was decided to develop two Leagues in each class.

Pilots seeded up to 100 were placed in League 1.

Pilots seeded 101 and over were placed in League 2.

For two-seater gliders to qualify they were to be flown solo.


# = Winner of A.G.Trophy in Bold Type
(See also League 2 Results)

1983/84 I.Renner # 3553.3 points Nimbus 3 No award    
1984/85 G.Marzinzik 3689 Nimbus 2 N.C.Roediger # 3841 points LS3
1985/86 I.Renner 3060 Nimbus 3 G.Hart 1894 Mosquito
1986/87 No contest     No contest    
1987/88 No contest     No contest    
1988/89 A. Olssen 2563 Nimbus 2 N.C.Roediger # 2877 LS3
1983/84 G.Wrigley 2724.0 Standard Cirrus No award
1984/85 C.Crittenden 3616 LS4 No award
1985/86 I.Renner # 4085 Discus A No award
1986/87 No contest     No contest
1987/88 No contest     No contest
1988/89 R.Henderson 907 LS4 No award

In 1989 the Decentralised Comps Rules were changed yet again, and the:

Season Pilot Points Sailplane Trophy
1989/90 N.C.Roediger 2190 LS3 SPORTAVIA
1990/91 A Ohlssen 2195 Nimbus 2 SPORTAVIA
1991/92 Janet Hider-Smith 1792 Discus SPORTAVIA
1992/93 R.B.Tuncks # 2548 Mosquito AUSTRALIAN GLIDING
1993/94 R.B.Tuncks 2168 Mosquito SPORTAVIA
1994/95 F.Romig 1651   SPORTAVIA
1995/96 Nobuko Katsuyama 1255 Various SPORTAVIA
1996/97 Paul Mason 2198 Discus SPORTAVIA
1997/98 Chris Stephens 1318 DG300 SPORTAVIA
1998/99 Tom Claffey 1218   SPORTAVIA
1999/2000 Bob Edwards 1941 Discus SPORTAVIA
2000/01 Matt Anglim 2023   SPORTAVIA
2001/02 James Cooper     SPORTAVIA
2002/03 Mal Williams 2548 SZD38A Std Jantar SPORTAVIA

The Sportavia Trophy

The Sportavia Trophy


The Sportavia Soaring Centre saw a need for a new trophy for use in the Decentralised Competitions and in 1990 donated this perpetual trophy.

Whereas the Australian Gliding Trophy (QV) is awarded to the pilot gaining the highest points score in either League 1 or League 2 , the 'SPORTAVIA TROPHY' is awarded to the pilots gaining the highest points score in 'the other' league. Hence it switches between the two leagues. However, in practice, it more often goes to League 2, just as the 'AG Trophy' more often goes to League 1.

In 1999 the DCE Convenor recommended that the Sportavia Trophy be awarded to the ‘Runner-Up’ on points score, irrespective of the League. This was accepted by the Sports Committee and ratified at the Annual Council Meeting.

Early in 2001 the Bathurst Soaring Club donated two new trophies, the Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy and the NSWGA Shield, to be awarded to the winners of League I and League II respectively