Longest Distance Flight Claimed in a Calendar Year to 2000 thereafter the period is the GFA Financial year

This trophy is awarded to the pilot completing the longest cross-country flight in Australia each season. However, the pilot must submit a verified claim for the trophy when it is advertised in AG in May of each year. Until 2001 the ‘season’ was previous calendar year but it was then changed to May1st / April 30 th starting in 2002.


Wally Wood was quite a well known light aircraft pilot in Central Australia in the 1950s. 
He was a founder of the Alice Springs Gliding Club and contributed a lot to the sport of gliding in 'the Centre' as a glider pilot and tug pilot. 
It was whilst towing a glider that he met his unfortunate death.

The Alice Springs Gliding Club donated the trophy to GFA in 1962.

[ From the mid 80s to mid 90s the trophy was missing, apparently left with an unknown jeweler for engraving. A Victorian pilot listed as having held it accepted responsibility for the loss and paid for it's replacement, a very close replica made by Herbert Schade working from a photograph. This was tagged "The New Wally Wood Trophy" and was awarded for 1994 and 1995. Early in 1997 the aforesaid jeweler, a former member of Waikerie Gliding Club, went out of business and returned the missing trophy, leaving GFA in a dilemma! The pilot who had paid up had not in fact been responsible for the loss. The new trophy was taken out of circulation pending discussion with the Victorian pilot, and a decision on it's future use by the 1997 Sports Committee and the GFA ACM. The original trophy was then returned to circulation, with all engravings brought up to date, and was awarded again for the 1996 flight. Refer to the "Bob Irvine trophy" for the end of this saga ]

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At the 2001 ACM GFA Council agreed to a proposal put by the Trophies Officer, Fred Foord, that it would be appropriate to change the period of the Wally Wood, Bob Irvine and Martin Warner Trophies to relate better to the soaring season. Therefore the 2001 period was changed to be from 1 st Jan 2001 – 30 th April 2003, and thereafter from 1 st May (2002 etc.) to 30 th April of the following year (2003 etc.)

Longest distance flight claimed in calendar year 
(The trophy was not claimed for the missing years below)

Year Pilot State Distance
1962 H.Schneider SA 392 miles
1963 M.Gill SA 393 miles
1965 H.Apitz SA 322 miles
1967 S.Cox SA 470 miles
1970 B.Persson SA/NT  
1971 B.McLaren SA 504 miles
1979 K.Wellington NSW 774 km
1983 D.G.Jansen Qld 816 km
1986 J.Holland SA 1009 km
1988 S.Percival SA 1018 km
1989 P.Trotter Vic. 1030 km
1991 C.Vassarotti ACT 630 km
1992 T.West NSW 874.67 km
1994 T.Claffey NSW 948.6 km
1995 Neil Burns & Roger Druce Vic 1003.39 km
1996 Haidyn Dunn SA 770.3 km
1997 Frank Johann SA 847.0 km
1998 Paul Mason SA 868.0 km
1999 Harry Medlicott NSW 1178.46 km
2000 Chris Woolley Qld 730.59 km
2001/2 Andrew Repton WA 1033.8 km
2002/3 David Pietsch NSW 1011 km
2003/4 James Cooper WA 797 km
2004/5 Geoff Sweeney NSW 801.36 km