The Sportavia Soaring Centre saw a need for a new trophy for use in the Decentralised Competitions and in 1990 donated this perpetual trophy.


Whereas the Australian Gliding Trophy (QV) is awarded to the pilot gaining the highest points score in either League 1 or League 2 , the 'SPORTAVIA TROPHY' is awarded to the pilots gaining the highest points score in 'the other' league. Hence it switches between the two leagues. However, in practice, it more often goes to League 2, just as the 'AG Trophy' more often goes to League 1.

In 1999 the DCE Convenor recommended that the Sportavia Trophy be awarded to the ‘Runner-Up’ on points score, irrespective of the League. This was accepted by the Sports Committee and ratified at the Annual Council Meeting.

Early in 2001 the Bathurst Soaring Club donated two new trophies, the Bathurst Soaring Club Trophy and the NSWGA Shield, to be awarded to the winners of League I and League II respectively