The committee of "Australian Gliding " magazine gave this trophy to GFA in 1970 "for use at the Nationals"as there always seemed to be a shortage of a trophy which could be awarded to a pilot for some good reason. The first dedication, until 1974, was to the Sports Class Champion.


From 1975 until 1978 it was awarded simply "for outstanding performance"

By 1979 the Decentralised Competitions became well organised and required trophies so the GFA Council, on the recommendation of the Sports Committee, reallocated the trophy so that it was awarded to the pilot with the highest points score in the Decentralised Competitions irrespective of the class of glider being flown. This policy resulted in the Australian Gliding Trophy switching between the classes, depending upon where the highest points score is gained.

At that stage the D.C.C. was scored in 'Classes', by glider classification
The first winner, in the 1979/80 season was K.Wellington of Bathurst in a Nimbus, Open class.
In the 1980/81 season the winner was Ingo Renner in a Nimbus 2, Open class.
In the 1981/2 season Bruce Tuncks lead the overall points in his Mosquito, 15m class.
In the 1982/3 season it was back to Ingo Renner , this time in a Nimbus 3, Open class.

From 1983 the Decentralised Competitions were reorganised into Leagues. [Refer folio 3A/7]

[ In 1990 the need for another trophy, for the winner of whichever turned out to be 'the other' League, was recognised and the 'Sportavia Trophy' was introduced Q.V. ]