The Roger A. Woods 18m Trophy

Roger A Woods 18m Trophy

The ROGER A. WOODS 18 METRE CLASS NATIONAL CHAMPION TROPHY is one of two trophies introduced in 2001 to commemorate the tremendous contribution which the late Roger Alastair Woods, M.B.E. made to the Gliding Federation of Australia over many years. His tireless work in the International Gliding Commission to promote a World Championship in Australia led to the inaugural World Club Class Gliding Championships being held at Gawler in January 2001.

Roger, GFA President from 1980 to 1983. passed away at the age of 64 after a battle with cancer. This fine trophy was created by Herbert Schade and donated by Harry & Wendy Medlicott and Brenda Woods. It is a gold plated scale model LS-7 sailplane against a background a circle of isobars in the manner familiar to all as the GFA logo, mounted upon a bronze pyramid and all surmounting a polished hardwood plinth

The trophy was presented for the first time at the 39th FAI Class National Championships held in February 2001 at Gulgong, NSW, It was won on that occasion by Dr Graham Parker of Adelaide, S.A.

2000/2001 Graham Parker NSW Gulgong 39th Multi-Class
2001/2 Tracey Tabart Vic Narromine 40Multi-Class
2002/3 Bob Ward Qld Narromine 41stMulti-Class
2003/4 No contest (change to performance basis) NSW Gulgong 42nd
2004/5 Tomas Gostner Italy Dalby 43rd
2005/6 Not contested   Gawler 44th
2006/7 John Buchanan (Grae Harrison NZ was 1st QLD Kingaroy 45th
 2007/8  David Jansen  Qld  Temora  46th
 2008/9  Graham Parker  SA  Benalla  47th
 2009/10  Bruce Taylor  NSW  Waikerie  48th
 2010/11  David Jansen  Qld  Dalby  49th